Imlie 25th January 2024 Written Update

Imlie 25th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie 25th January 2024 episode starts with Agastya eating a different kind of laddoo (sweets) and recognising the taste. 

On hearing that no one has made it in the family, Agastya gets angry and asks sternly who has allowed Imlie’s aunt to cook for him. 

Alka gets angry on hearing that Meera has been to the kitchen and that they will have to purify it from top to bottom. 

Imlie tries to defend her aunt asking how can a mother cooking for a child impurify the kitchen.

However, Alka tells her that Meera used to work in a bar and women like these never have one child and there must be many more households where her other children live and she should go there. 

Imlie tells her that Meera used to dance in the bar to earn a living just like her and they have opened their heart and doors for her.

Alka tells her that it feels that they have committed a mistake for she has brought the pile of garbage into their house. 

Agastya tells Alka not to talk to Imlie like that as they only have a problem with one woman, not all the women working in a bar. 

He tells her that Imlie’s aunt has hurt her and she has every right to keep her away from her kitchen but not because she was a bar dancer.

However, Alka tells him that he will say it because he has the same dirty blood in his veins which is why he fell for a girl like Imlie. 

Annapurna warns her to mind her language but she refuses to back down. 

In the meantime, Sonali, Karan, Bulbul and the Boss go to the police station to ask for the case file of twenty years ago.

Meanwhile, the inspector sends them packing and informs Vishwa about them as soon as they leave. 

Meanwhile, Boss tells Sonali that he already knew that they would not get the file this way and now they will steal it from the record room. 

Meanwhile, Karan and Bulbul create chaos in the police station to distract them while Sonali and Boss enter their file room. 

Meanwhile, Meera comes to apologise to Agastya for making him the target of Alka’s anger while Agastya tells her she has always caused pain around him and Imlie. 

He tells her that she has caused Imlie great pain today and might suffer more in her stubbornness to prove her innocence and return his mother to him. 

Meanwhile, Sonali looks for the files of 1996 while Boss flirts with her.

As Sonali finds the file and a CD in it, Vishwa comes inside with a gun and Sonali tries to run. 

Seeing Sonali’s Saari stuck, Boss tries to free it and then pretends to be drunk to make way for Sonali.

Elsewhere, Imlie is sitting under a tree thinking about  Alka’s bitter words, when Agastya also comes there doing the same. 

Imlie sees Agastya in pain and tries to lighten his mood by talking to God and complaining about him. 

Seeing him leave, Imlie tells Agastya that he is beyond her dream guy.

Agastya tells her that he is still angry with her while Imlie tells him that anger, love, happiness and sadness are part of a relationship but the most important thing in a relationship is respect for each other. 

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