Imlie 25th June 2023 Written Update

Imlie 25th June 2023 Written Update

Imlie 25th June 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 25th June 2023 episode starts with Imlie carrying Atharva and leading him through the escape door.

As she places Atharva there, Reyansh confronts her and quickly points his gun at Imlie frightening her.

Reyansh fires the gun and the bullet hits Imlie's left hand causing her to lean against the wall while clutching her hand tightly.

She enters and closes the room and Reyansh noticing this decides to approach Imlie from the other door but the cops arrive first.

Meanwhile, Devika and everyone embraces Kerry and implore her not to go again without alerting anyone while Kerry continues her naughty talks, which make everyone laugh.

Anu, observing this mocks Cheeni for bringing Kerry while leaving Atharva with Imlie to which Cheeni responds that her and Kerry's lives were more crucial to protect first.

She demands that Cheeni be quiet for the time being because she needs to do something to get Imlie out of the Rana house or else she will re-enter Atharva's life as his love of life.

Imlie, on the other hand, carries Atharva outside and places his head on her lap which makes her tearful.

Atharva then begins to open his eyes slightly, but everything is hazy making Imlie delighted that he has finally acquired consciousness.

However, Atharva passes out again and Imlie decides not to let Atharva know that she saved his life from the goons.

Imlie keeps Atharva at his side, while the police upon discovering Atharva's body inform the Ranas.

Anu, on the other hand, continues to brainwash Devika and others against Imlie claiming that she merely orchestrated the entire plot to kidnap Atharva.

Rudra mocks Anu stating that the Commissioner informed only Reyansh and Mehta were found in the kidnap location.

Anu informs everyone that Imlie is missing and that this is the most powerful evidence they have against her to which Devika agrees.

However, Atharva steps in with two officers and everyone is relieved to see Atharva safe and well.

Devika rushes towards him and hugs him declaring that seeing him has finally relieved her worry.

Shivani hands Devika the arti plate and after the arti, Atharva glances around and asks Devika about Imlie.

Devika declares grumpily that she doesn't know and later as they all share a wonderful cup of tea, Kerry sits on Atharva's lap and tells him about what she witnessed in that area.

She adds that Imlie and Cheeni assisted in fighting the goons and saving her, which makes Anu nervous.

Before Kerry can continue Anu sides with her and states that she must have confused Imlie with Cheeni because Cheeni was the one who saved her.

Cheeni agrees with Anu and adds that Imlie was preventing her from saving Kerry from the attackers.

Kerry, on the other hand, firmly denies this claim while Atharva agrees with Kerry that Imlie saved her because he must have seen Imlie rescuing him before the police arrived.

Imlie, on the other hand, stands behind a pillar and observes all of this while tears stream down her cheek.

Dhairya approaches Imlie and asks her angrily why she is always willing to sacrifice her life for filthy people like Cheeni.

Meanwhile, Cheeni works hard to convince Kerry that she saved her from Imlie while Kerry maintains that Imlie is "Plus 100 good."

Dhairya enraged decides to tell everyone the truth but Imlie overcome with emotion intervenes.

Later, Cheeni sits in her room and sobs over the idea that she is reverting to her old form when she used to scheme and plot similar tactics against Imlie.

Hearing this Anu gives a reality check by making her realize that she has to stand against Imlie for Kerry and Atharva.

Imlie, on the other hand, gets ready inside the car as Miss Patty, while Dhairya queries her about why she is doing all of this.

She states unequivocally that she must fight for Kerry today in order to steer clear of being called 'Najayas'(illegitimate) for the rest of her life.

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