Imlie 25th March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 25th March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 25th March 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 25th March 2023 episode starts with Imlie and Atharva spending quality time together when Rudra calls out to Imlie and asks her to hurry up or they will be late for work.

Later, when Imlie arrives at the office, everyone gathers around her, wondering what she is doing here.

Rudra announces that they're obligated to now report to Imlie as she is the new DOO of Rudra Industries.

Rudra then shows Imlie into her cabin, while Dhairya gives Imlie a cold stare.

Later in the afternoon, while Imlie is working, Rudra appears. 

Imlie notifies him that because it is her first day, it is taking her time to understand the work and asks him not to worry about her, but Rudra responds by laughing that he is worried about the employees because it will be their first time working under such a responsible boss.

Rudra then summons Dhairya and invites him into Imlie's cabin, instructing him to continue assisting Imlie and working as a team.

Dhairya glares angrily at Imlie, who asks him to stop staring at her and to hand her the transportation vehicle files, but Dhairya responds brazenly.

He storms out of the room, leaving Imlie to look for the files on her own, and Imlie begins her work solely.

Meanwhile, in the Rana mansion, Devika is preparing Atharva and Imlie's favorite dish, and Akash and Keya show up.

Both begin to compel Devika to consider poor Imlie because she is under a lot of stress and needs someone to assist her, such as Akash.

Shivani interrupts Keya and informs her that she, too, had the misperception that Imlie was incapable of achieving anything but Imlie has proven her wrong, and she is very pleased to see her dedication and passion for her work.

Meanwhile, Imlie examines the files and approaches Dhairya, asking if he believes their employees are involved in a smuggling case, but Dhairya stops her and asks her not to question the employees' hard work.

He stands firm and responds by saying he'll not allow Imlie to proceed with an investigation into the workers based on her mere suspicion.

However, Imlie is on her own in the office when she overhears one of the staff saying that Mohan will not allow him to drive through his routes.

Hearing this, Imlie immediately goes through the files and realizes that something is fishy with Mohan.

While Atharva is waiting in the park, the event manager arrives and informs him that his concert tickets have not been sold and he will not be able to perform today.

This upsets Atharva and makes him mutter that he will not give up so easily.

Meanwhile, Imlie climbs into one of the trucks and searches the boxes, but finds nothing.

Mohan closes the truck gate and starts the truck at the exact same time, blissfully unaware of Imlie's presence.

After a while, Mohan stops the truck and meets a man in a black kurta, asking him to transfer all of the wine into his truck while Imlie records their movements.

Imlie's phone suddenly rings, alerting Mohan and his fellow friend, who both locate Imlie in the truck.

She slams both of them with her purse and attempts to flee but Dhairya points a gun at her.

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