Imlie 25th May 2023 Written Update

Imlie 25th May 2023 Written Update

Imlie 25th May 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 25th May 2023 episode starts with Kerry requesting that Cheeni bring Princess Mamma since she only wants her close.

Cheeni tries to change the subject and asks what game they should play when they get home to which Kerry suggests they play hide and seek and find Imlie.

Cheeni becomes agitated and mutters about how she will never be able to meet Kerry's demands.

Meanwhile, Imlie is wailing against the wall for having to confront all of these things when the nurse arrives to inform her that Kerry has regained consciousness.

The nurse asks Imlie whether she is Kerry's mother which she rejects and mutters about how she now realizes why she has been feeling such intense attachment to Kerry for the previous few days.

Imlie claims that if not her mother, she is at least Kerry's aunt while Cheeni attempts to divert Kerry's attention away from Imlie.

However, Kerry becomes happy when she notices Imlie, and Imlie seeing Kerry advises her to sleep and sings a song while holding her tiny hands.

Imlie tenderly kisses Kerry's hand and tells Cheeni that she and Atharva are raising Kerry very well as she is a lovely child.

Imlie adds Kerry is completely different from Cheeni, and Cheeni acknowledges that she has changed this time.

Hearing this, Imlie orders Cheeni not to tell Kerry that the different world she has created with Atharva is being built by destroying hers and walks away with tears in her eyes.

Meanwhile, Cheeni decides to call Atharva but when his phone goes unanswered, she sends him a voicemail.

In the voicemail, she consoles him by saying that if Kerry's mother wants to stay at the Rana house, that is her choice and he should not feel bad for her.

She sends the voice mail and leaves as Kerry opens her eyes after faking sleep and smiles, muttering whether Imlie and her mother dwell together in Rana's house.

Dhairya informs Imlie that he has booked another ticket for her but an angry Imlie says she can choose her own way to Delhi and departs.

On the other hand, Kerry gets out of bed and decides to go to Delhi to the Rana house where she swiftly hides behind a cloth-covered trolly.

Meanwhile, Cheeni returns and upon discovering Kerry missing panics and begins searching for her.

Kerry rushes out of the hospital and to the bus stop where Imlie is present.

Imlie sits in the bus remorsefully holding her bag, recalling all the truth while Kerry stands behind the bus wondering how she can get inside without a ticket.

However, a lady fights with the ticket collector about traveling with her basket, and Kerry notices it and decides to hide inside it.

Cheeni searches everywhere for Kerry but when she can't find her, she assumes Atharva has taken her with him.

Atharva messages Cheeni not to call him and orders her to look over Kerry till he returns.

Cheeni freaks out as she reads this message while Kerry quickly hides inside the mango basket without being noticed.

However, as the basket is carried to the bus, Kerry climbs out and sits in the seat muttering that she is thrilled to travel to Delhi.

As the bus begins to move, Imlie mutters to herself about how fate has brought Atharva in front of her after 5 years, and that too with Cheeni.

She says that the only purpose she has in her life now is to find her baby.

Meanwhile, Cheeni tries to locate Kerry with the guard while the nurse mocks her for not caring for her own baby.

Cheeni becomes enraged and states that she is Kerry's only family.

On the bus, Kerry steals Imlie's meal and begins eating, and later falls asleep.

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