Imlie 26th February 2023 Written Update

Imlie 26th February 2023 Written Update

Imlie 26th February 2023 Written Update: Imlie Written Update

Today's Imlie 26th February 2023 episode starts with Atharva telling Imlie that he wants to show her off to the world.

She tells him that she will recite her poems in front of everyone but he expresses his shock as he recalls that Imlie used to hide her poetic talent.

Realizing her mistake, she immediately covers up by adding that, though she always hid her poetry from the world, she wants to reveal it to him, who is her world now.

She hands Atharva her diary of poetry that he reads with rapt attention while Imlie feels bad for lying to him.

He asks her to answer honestly if he’s been making her happy.

Imlie tells him that she feels so happy that it all seems like a dream, relieving Atharva.

Chini interrupts them and tells Atharva he’s needed downstairs for the party preparations.

As Atharva leaves, Chini begins to take out clothes from Imlie’s wardrobe to decide on her party outfit.

She pulls out a simple ethnic attire that Imlie had once worn to a party but received a lot of backlash from everyone for dressing up so simply at an elegant party.

Chini suggests Imlie to wear that attire to test whether she really has a memory of the humiliating experience but is surprised when Imlie agrees to wear the outfit.

Later, when Chini arrives at the party in an elegant party gown, she’s shocked to see everyone dressed in traditional, regional attire from different parts of the country.

Keya spots her and comes to insult her as she informs Chini that Atharva changed the theme according to Imlie’s liking.

When Chini trash talks about the theme, Atharva tells her it’s for Imlie, who finally arrives looking gorgeous.

As Atharva praises her beauty, she recalls how Atharva had come in earlier that evening and seen her hold the simple attire she was going to wear as she talked about traditional attires with enthusiasm.

Enchanted by her fascination for traditional attire, Atharva had decided to change the party theme to make her happy.

Chini burns with jealousy that her plan to embarrass Imlie has failed.

Finally having a chance to mock Chini, Imlie asks her what part of India her western dress represents as she feels embarrassed and enraged at becoming the joke of the party.

As Atharva and Imlie head to enjoy the party, even Anu tells Chini that she should have dressed in accordance with the theme, humiliating her further.

She tells Anu that Imlie is playing these games with her but she will fire back targeting Imlie's weakness.

On the other hand, Imlie greets Viaan and everyone is shocked as she had met Viaan only after the wedding so how come she remembers his name?

Imlie rectifies this mistake by pointing out to Viaan that they were Facebook friends after the engagement.

Chini sees an opportunity to dance with Atharva as he stands away from Imlie but as soon as she reaches there, Imlie tells her to get her some water as she’s feeling weak and dizzy.

Anu yells at Imlie that Chini is not her servant but since Atharva is right beside them, Cheeni corrects Anu and tells her that she’s there to take care of Imlie.

As Atharva witnesses all this, Chini thinks to herself that it’s only a matter of time before Imlie’s truth is exposed in front of everyone.

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