Imlie 26th March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 26th March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 26th March 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 26th March 2023 episode starts with Atharva strolling into the Rana Industry to inquire about Imlie's whereabouts.

The employee informs Atharva that Imlie just left the office on Driver Mohan's route, and Dhairya followed her.

Meanwhile, Dhairya points a gun at Imlie, who is shocked and believes Dhairya is a liar. 

Hearing this, Imlie calls Dhairya a hypocrite and asks why he lectures her about class when he himself is at the bottom because he is a part of all of this.

She also calls Dhairya poor from the bottom of his heart, and Dhairya claims that a king will never let his crown fall from his head, pointing the gun directly at Mohan.

Mohan's friend alludes to his gangsters while evilly laughing, but Dhairya and Imlie inform him that they will beat them a lot here today.

Imlie slaps Mohan across the face, while Dhairya kicks one of the thugs in the stomach.

Dhairya and Imlie put up a valiant fight against Mohan and his gangsters.

Imlie then grabs Mohan and slams his head against the car, pushing him to the ground, but one of the thugs picks up the gun and orders Dhairya to stop immediately or he will kill Imlie.

While Dhairya is being beaten up by the devil gangsters, the thug in the black kurta orders his fellow mate to pull the trigger and kill Imlie.

The man is about to be shot when Atharva arrives and kicks him down, shocking Imlie and Dhairya.

Imlie's eyes light up when he sees Atharva and Dhairya comment on Atharva stealing the idol crown at the last minute.

Imlie, Atharva, and Dhairya fight the gangsters together and tie them up in the truck.

Atharva thanks Dhairya for assisting Imlie today and following her, and Dhairya responds that he believes it is his fate now to follow Imlie.

Imlie becomes enraged and requests that such differentiation in class be avoided, and questions him why all of this has been going on in the Rana industry for the past three years.

She commands Dhairya to bring the truck to the office RIGHT NOW, as they exchange cold stares.

Later, Atharva informs Rudra of everything, and he proudly informs everyone in the family. 

Keya and Akash begin brainwashing Devika by informing her how Imlie cannot defend herself every time something bad happens and that this time, the danger fell on Arto as well, to which she agrees.

Meanwhile, Imlie and Atharva are having lunch in a nearby Dhaba when she inquires about his concert, to which Atharva responds with an unhappy expression.

Imlie then suggests Atharva perform here, and after much nagging, he agrees and performs an outstanding DJ in front of the Dhaba, drawing a large audience.

As the DJ finishes, Imlie receives a call from her boss, who requests that she come to the office immediately and show him the footage.

Meanwhile, Dhairya storms into the office yelling at the employees and ordering them to bring all of the drivers' files right away.

When the worker notices Dhairya's frustration, he convinces him to calm down and predicts that Imlie will leave this job soon.

Dhairya claims he has no problem with women catching the culprit, but he does have a problem with Mohan escaping from his grasp, which calls into question his five years of hard work.

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