Imlie 26th March 2024 Written Update

Imlie 26th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Nirmala manipulating Indira against Surya sleeping outside even after marriage.

Surya tells them a lie that he came outside to drink water and doesn't know when he fell asleep there after which Indira asks where is Imlie.

Just then, they hear Imlie signing bhajan while offering water to goddess Tulsi and they go outside to see after which they taunt her for not applying vermillion and say that she is trying to become a good wife but she cannot be.

Indira asks Surya to come there and says that in one hour her guests will come there and she does not want them to make fun of Reddy's family so she asks him to tell Imlie to apply vermillion and wear mangal sutra.

He asks Imlie to follow Indira's instructions but she denies it and says that she is a widow of Augustya so she cannot do all these things after which Surya says that he can do anything for Indira's respect.

Surya orders her to follow Indira's instructions whereas decoration takes place and Hemlata asks her husband to send a car to bring guests after which Indira asks Malti to do this work.

Hemlata tells her that Malti is refusing to attend the function after which Indira goes to see Malti while Malti complains to her about why is she accepting Imlie as her daughter-in-law after which Indira says that she is doing all these things to protect her family's image.

Then, Malti reminds her of the incident that took place a few years back with her son which breaks Indira's heart when guests start coming so she goes to see them.

Guest meets Indira and asks her why did she not call them to Surya's wedding after which she lies to them that everything happened in a hurry due to which she didn't get time to invite the guests.

Meanwhile, Surya asks Imlie to get ready but she ignores them and decides she will not come downstair whereas Malti tells Indira that Imlie will not come downstair which turns off Indira's mood.

Just then, Surya asks Imlie to lie to everyone that she has had an allergy to vermillion but she refuses to say this while Hemlata comes to Imlie's room with vermillion.

Imlie ignores and turns her face around after which Hemlata tells her the significance of her husband's family and asks her to accept everyone so that no one can make her feel bad.

She says that Surya went against everyone to make her his wife so she should also respect his image after which she handed over the vermillion to Imli and asks her to come on time as guests are waiting downstairs.

Imlie gets confused and does not understand what to do next and she keeps the vermillion on the table and thinks what to do next.

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