Imlie 26th May 2022 Written Update

Imlie 26th May 2022 Written Update

Imlie 26th May 2022 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 26th May 2022 episode starts with Imlie falling from the swing and clutching her stomach as the family looks on in worry.

Aryan gets concerned for both Imlie and the baby and rushes her to the hospital.

Jyoti smirks as the flashback shows her tampering with the ropes of the swings prior to Imlie sitting on it.

At the hospital, the doctor tells the Rathore family that Imlie is not pregnant while Narmada demands a recheck.

Later, Aryan sits beside Imlie and caresses her face while she wakes up and asks him about the baby.

However, the family tries to ignore the question which worries Imlie and she starts worrying about the baby.

Just then, the doctor comes there and gives Narmada a file stating that Imlie is not pregnant and that the test she had done at home was a false positive.

Aryan hugs Imlie who starts crying when the doctor announces that Imlie can never be a mother as she is infertile.

Neela asks Narmada how will the family move forward while Aryan keeps consoling a sobbing Imlie.

Later, Jyoti showers the doctor with money and tells her that she was a huge help by helping her lie that Imlie is infertile.

Jyoti asks the doctor for the medicine which prevents pregnancy and the doctor refuses after which Jyoti threatens to expose the video of the doctor taking the bribe to change the files.

Meanwhile, Imlie looks at some children playing and gets emotional while Aryan comes there.

Imlie scolds herself for stealing Aryan's chance to become a father when he stops her from overthinking and says that they will get a second opinion.

Aryan further assures Imlie that there are many other ways to become parents.

Aryan and Imlie hug and she feels Aryan's tears on her back and further comforts him too.

Later, Imlie and Aryan return home while the family keeps up a facade of smiles to comfort Imlie.

Aryan tries to lighten the situation by telling them that it's a cheat day for the ladies and goes with Sundar to bring lunch for the family.

Everyone goes inside as Neela tells Narmada that she knows an occultist who can make women fertile.

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