Imlie 26th May 2023 Written Update

Imlie 26th May 2023 Written Update

Imlie 26th May 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 26th May 2023 episode starts with Imlie looking back in the seat and is surprised to discover a slumbering infant covered in a crimson cloth.

She recalls how Kerry used to sleep in the same position and while she hands the beggar money she considers how much she feels connected to Kerry.

Meanwhile, everyone in the Rana family sips their morning cup of tea and Devika in a happy mood tells Shivani that traveling to Goa was the best decision she had made.

She says that she also felt all the strong connections for Atharva there.

She insists on performing a Puja for Atharva but Rudra stops her which makes her mock him for not respecting his own son in favor of another.

Rudra sensing Devika's rage mutters about how the strong feelings she has for Atharva are true and that he is the one who abandoned them all.

Meanwhile, everyone gets off the bus as it reaches Delhi except Kerry who continues to sleep while wrapped in the red cloth.

However, the bus restarts and Kerry gets awake and urges to stop.

When the conductor notices Kerry, he asks her who she is traveling with and Kerry pointing to the front seat says that she is traveling with her princess mama.

Kerry is helped off the bus by the conductor as Imlie waits at the bus stop for her cab.

When the cab arrives, the driver opens the trunk but asks her to leave her luggage in the back seat because it is contacting all of his personal belongings.

Meanwhile, Kerry tries to devise a way to get into the car without revealing it to Imlie.

Imlie sits next to the driver, while Kerry rushes inside and hides in the rear seat, murmuring that she will soon meet her mother.

Rudra advises Devika to wait for Imlie to conduct the puja but she refuses arguing that if he was so concerned about Atharva he would never have let him leave the house in the first place.

Devika departs while Rudra's face turns depressed from the mocking.

He mutters that he has become the culprit of the Rana family's lost happiness and that he is reaping the consequences of his actions.

Meanwhile, Imlie arrives at her destination, and, upon unlocking the door, all of her memories with Atharva flash before her eyes.

Kerry is taken aback when she sees the house where her mother lives and realizes how large it is.

Cheeni, on the other hand, is on the phone with Anu, who tells her that she wishes Kerry never return to them because she and Imlie are unfortunate and have both left them.

She encourages Cheeni to get close to Atharva but Cheeni explains that without Kerry, both of them are lonely and as Atharva approaches, she notifies him about Kerry's absence.

Meanwhile, Kerry enters the baby's room and becomes excited looking at the toys but when she hears footsteps, she hides near the curtain.

Imlie enters the room grabs her baby's cloth and begins crying.

Looking at Atharva's photo frame, she mutters about how he has abandoned Devika as well.

She sits grumpily on the chair, while Kerry falls asleep in the same spot where she is hiding.

Atharva slams the chair in frustration and accuses Cheeni of being irresponsible for failing to care for Kerry.

He confirms that she is not Kerry's mother, which surprises Cheeni and causes tears to fall from her eyes as Anu listens to the yelling on the call.

Imlie has a dream about Atharva holding her hand and making her feel safe while Keya yells.

She points to the footsteps and reports that someone has broken into their house as everyone gathers.

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