Imlie 27th February 2023 Written Update

Imlie 27th February 2023 Written Update

Imlie 27th February 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 27th February 2023 episode starts with everyone dancing to the beat of the music as the party draws into the night.

Chini burns with jealousy as she sees Imlie and Atharva dance together.

Not being able to tolerate it, she pulls Imlie away and tells her to rest since she was feeling weak.

Imlie tells her that Atharva will handle her and requests Cheeni to get some snacks before she’s pulled back by Atharva to dance with him.

As Chini goes to find some sweets for her, Anu is shocked at the audacity Imlie has despite being just a servant’s daughter.

She tells Anu that this act of being the sweet, caring elder sister needs to be put on for now as she has no choice.

Chini gets Imlie some sweets but just to trouble her, Imlie requests her to get something else a couple of times.

Finally, even Anu gets a platter and asks Imlie to let poor Chini rest a little as she has probably brought every single thing on the menu for her tonight.

A while later, Imlie and Atharva receive the wedding reception gifts from everyone.

When Devika gifts Imlie a diamond jewellery set, Anu gasps about how can she give this to a servant’s daughter.

She elaborates that her mother and grandmother used to work at Bebe’s in-laws and Arpita is surprised by the accusation.

Devika tells Imlie that she thought tha she was from the Rathore family but today she found out that she was a true diamond.

She adds that it’s the perseverance of Imlie’s mother and grandmother’s hard work that Imlie is raised so well.

As everyone clicks pictures, Chini appears with a mysterious bag in her hand and hands over an envelope to Imlie.

Inside the envelope, Imlie is shocked to find a letter of termination stating she’s been fired from her job and panics as per Chini and Anu’s plan.

Anu asks Chinisince Imlie joined this job after marriage, so technically, if she’s suffering from memory loss, she shouldn’t remember this.

Chini tells her that’s her plan and it’s evident from her expression that she remembers everything.

Meanwhile, Atharva comes over and takes the letter out of Imlie’s hands after seeing the confusion on her face.

She lies that she doesn’t understand what all this is about and Atharva tells everyone to play along and that there is a mistake in the letter which is meant for someone else.

Anu tries to bring up the point by saying how can there be a mistake when the letter is addressed to Imlie but Rudra quietens her.

As everyone rejoices in the party celebrations once again, Imlie thinks to herself that it is her punishment for lying to everyone that she’s been fired from the job.

She worries that she must do something in order to save her job while Chini feels her trap is foolproof if Imlie will try to save the job, she will be caught, and if she doesn’t her job will remain at stake.

On the other hand, Atharva talks on the phone regarding Imlie’s job and tells them to understand the situation and she overhears all of it.

Imlie feels bad for letting down her late mother and making Atharva go through so much trouble.

Atharva suggests that Imlie should join Rudra’s business as she’s wasting her talents sitting at home and she agrees to it.

While he goes to talk to Rudra, Imlie resolves to get back her job at the Bhaskar times at any cost.

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