Imlie 27th January 2024 Written Update

Imlie 27th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie 27th January 2024 episode starts with Imlie reading Meera's letter while Alka keeps making fun of Imlie for trusting Meera.

Alka says that now they do not want life lessons from Imlie as Meera is the real culprit which makes Imlie look at Agastya and storm off to her room where she starts crying.

Agastya goes to her and sits right behind her while she continues to say that her fate is to live alone for eternity.

She keeps crying about her life as she has no family left and says that she has never been more lonely as her whole childhood was in solitary and so is her adulthood and possibly will be alone for the rest of her life.

Agastya holds her in his arms and remembers how Meera told him to give Imlie love and affection and for that, she is ready to be a real culprit.

He then strokes the hair off Imlie's face and says that he wants to take her somewhere.

he takes her in front of everyone where he says that Imlie is a cheater however he will not let her cheat this time because he will become his family now along with the rest of his family.

Agastya says that his answer to her proposal is yes and then he bends down to his knees and says that he wants to marry Imlie and make her his wife.

Alka yells at Agastya for trusting Imlie to which Agastya replies that Meera was Imlie's foster mom and that is why she kept fighting and this is a quality he adores the most.

She then asks Govind to tear off the stars from the sky and decorate the house with them.

Back in the police station, Sonali bails the goon out who asks her if she is not able to live in a world without him.

She says thank you to him as he saved her life however Amrit who is also in the lockup asks Sonali who the man is but she says that she does not owe him any explanation.

Meanwhile, Jugnu asks Chutki which color kurta he should wear which makes Chutli say that even the bride has not decided on her outfit and Jugnu is so worried about his.

Agastya tells them to go inside and cheer Imlie's mood which makes the two take her downstairs and then tells her that now they will tell her the pros and cons of marriage.

Manu says that unmarried life is so chill as they don't have to report to anyone and Jugnu agrees with it.

Everyone starts fighting with one another after which Imlie says that marriage is difficult, especially with stubborn Agastya however she will still marry him.

She then gets up and says that she is marrying him as she wants him and his family.

Later, Agastya tells Sonali that Meera told him the locket belonged to Kunal.

He says that he does not know what to do as he is taking Imlie's choice away from her because he is not telling her the complete truth.

Sonali tells him not to say anything to Imlie as she will find out the truth about Meera and the locket.

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