Imlie 27th July 2023 Written Update

Imlie 27th July 2023 Written Update

Imlie 27th July 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 27th July 2023 episode starts with Imlie searching for Kerry in every conceivable direction when Atharva pulls her and attempts to calm her down.

However, Imlie expresses her suspicions about Cheeni kidnapping Kerry and her desire for Atharva's return while Atharva calms Imlie and informs her that Cheeni is in jail.

Meanwhile, the police arrive alerting Atharva and Imlie, and Atharva holding her asks her to remain calm first.

The cops move around enquiring about Kerry here and there.

The police then want all CCTV and security information which a society member declares is managed by Mr. Sharma.

However, as Mr. Sharma approaches, Imlie's eyes widen and she recalls all of his low-class actions of making her his assistant.

Imlie joining her hands begs Mr. Sharma for any information and asks him to hand over Kerry if he has her.

Mr. Sharma explodes in rage and cautions Imlie to watch her comments while Atharva intervenes and asks him suspiciously about planning Kerry's kidnapping.

Thus, the police want to inspect his house which he resists but society passes him with hostile stares and taunts that compel him to agree.

Later, Imlie cries her heart out sitting next to Devika and everyone while grumbling about how her luck is so bad that she always loses Kerry.

Devika becomes distraught when she sees Imlie's pain while Atharva blames himself for everything.

Imlie continues looking for Kairi and goes to the home temple to make a pledge.

She promises to destroy everyone and everything if this continues because no mother in the world will ever allow anyone to separate her from her kid.

Meanwhile, Atharva enters and takes a seat next to Imlie, complimenting her strength and referring to her as "fighter Imlie."

Imlie continues to cry and claims to be a bad mother who knows nothing about her child.

Meanwhile, Shivani laments how Sita Maiya is putting Imlie and Atharva to the test to see if they can tackle the crisis together and come out stronger or if they must split up.

Kerry, on the other hand, sits behind Sita Maiya's statue moaning about how she is forced to hide here because she wants Imlie and Atharva to get together.

While Imlie laments and urges Atharva to leave to find Kerry, Atharva convinces her of her worth.

However, when Kerry notices Imlie and Atharva crying, she decides to approach them.

Mr. Sharma intervenes and pulls Kerry aside as Kerry is ready to call out Imlie while Imlie turns, her heart thumping in tension thinking Kerry is close by.

She alerts Atharva while Mr. Sharma holds Kerry's mouth and drags her home while yelling at her.

Kairi, noticing Sharma's actions constantly refers to him as a bad uncle and tosses her shoe while Mr. Sharma accuses her parents of being truly wicked people who have ruined his reputation.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Sharma arrives at Kery's house and encourages Sharma to return her to Imlie while Sharma explodes in rage and warns her to keep her mouth shut.

Mrs. Sharma follows his instructions, while Keya encourages Imlie to accompany her home and rest because she must be exhausted from searching for Kerry.

Rudra and Devika make faces at Keya as Imlie pledges to find Kerry at any cost.

Mr. Sharma, on the other hand, takes Kerry to a closed garage and warns her to stay quietly while Imlie and Atharva search for Kerry's shoe.

When Imlie and Atharva see this, they become concerned and question the cleaner about it to which he responds that it was discovered under the A-wing building.

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