Imlie 27th March 2024 Written Update

Imlie 27th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Imli noticing Surya driving a car at high speed after which she calls him and asks what is he doing.

Then, he tells her that he will cancel the function today by meeting with an accident which makes Imlie anxious.

She asks him to stop the car and lie to everyone that he has some urgent work to do but he reminds her that she only asked him to not lie to anyone.

After that, he cuts the call and is about to drive again then Imlie comes downstair and stands in front of his car.

Reddy family is shocked to see Imlie running out of the house after which they also come behind her.

Indira asks Surya what is happening after which other guests also come behind her while guests assume that Imlie is the daughter-in-law of Indira.

They ask Imlie to turn around and she is about to turn but Indira asks her not to turn and lies to guests that in mohrat she will reveal the face.

Guests go inside the house for the party whereas Indira asks Imlie to turn and notices that Imlie hasn’t applied the vermillion yet.

Nirmala again scolds Imlie while Indira asks Hemlata to bring the vermillion and asks Surya if there is something that he is hiding from them.

Imlie lies to her that she was waiting for Surya to return home while Hemlata brings the vermillion then Indira asks Surya to apply vermillion on Imlie’s forehead and he is about to do it.

Then, Imlie holds his hand first but later on leaves it then he applies the vermillion on her forehead after that Imlie goes into her room and cries.

Surya comes into the room and asks for an apology from Imlie but she scolds him for thinking of meeting with an accident so that he can gain her sympathy.

After that, Surya tells her that he does not have this kind of thinking and he is the inspector who is a bold person.

Imlie tells him that she witnessed today that he respects Indira a lot so she will follow the instructions and follow every ritual but half-heartedly.

She tells him that next year she will take exams again and study journalism to become independent and promises him that she will reach a good place in her life.

Later on, Surya comes downstair while guests wait for Imile after which they ask Indira to call Imlie as they are getting late for their work.

Just then, Imlie comes downstair in a beautiful dress which mesmerizes everyone and guests praise Imlie’s beauty.

Meanwhile, Surya is stunned to see Imlie while Indira becomes happy when guests praise Imlie after that she asks the photographer to take a family photo.

Malti goes from there after which Nirmala goes behind her and talks something weird about Imlie that she was a widow is overheard by a guest.

Guest asks Imlie when her first husband died then Nirmala tells them that he died on the first day of the wedding after that guests say that Surya has done huge obligation to Imlie by marrying her.

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