Imlie 28th August 2023 Written Update

Imlie 28th August 2023 Written Update

Imlie 28th August 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 28th August 2023 episode starts with Atharva finding Anu sitting on the stairs with blood dripping down her forehead, while on the other hand, Kairi brings in all the Ranas to the baby incubator but does not find Imlie.

On the other hand, Imlie walks into the hospital doorway and the doctor advises her to not do so following which Imlie tells her that her baby has been kidnapped.

The hospital officials lock all exists and Devika and Shivani come after Imlie too and ask her to take care of herself. 

From the other quarters, a man in black carries a baby while from the other end, Imlie seeing that man, follows him but stops when her stitches start paining.

Meanwhile, Anu tells Atharva that someone has kidnapped their child but Atharva asks her to not lie.

Imlie notices the kidnapper 

However, Imlie comes in and tells Atharva that she has seen a man taking her baby away and Rudra asks Imlie how can she be sure since she hasn't seen her baby yet.

Imlie tells Rudra that her motherly love can decode everything and expresses her guilt of not seeing the man's face.

Imlie is then led away by Shivani and Devika and Imlie calls a nurse to care for Anu who has been hit on the head.

Afterwards, Mishra tells the Ranas that nobody without a formal check-up is allowed to go out.

On the other hand, Imlie's baby kidnapper calls up his friend and asks him to be in the back door following which he goes forward with the baby and gives it to him.

Later, Imlie keeps pondering about where her baby can be while the kidnapper dressed as a nurse walks with a stroller.

She then follows the nurse but in the process her stitches start opening up, leading her womb to bleed out.

Imlie determinedly goes on and is about to trip when Atharva comes in and holds her after which he sees her bleeding womb too.

She then tells Atharva to go behind that man follows and Atharva picks Imlie up and goes forward.

Mishra behind Imlie's baby abduction

Later, Mishra chides the kidnapper for picking up Rudra's granddaughter and asks him to hide behind the shade.

Suddenly, Atharva comes in with Imlie and asks the doctor to attend to her stitches and Rudra to Mishra's horror shifts away from the shade while the kidnapper escapes through the washroom.

Inside, Mishra insists on taking Imlie to the OT and Atharva picks Imlie up but on her way, Imlie sees the kidnapper's shadow.

In the line, Shivani gets a clothes bag from Gopi but is surprised at the bag being heavy.

In the hospital, Atharva scolds Imlie for walking again and Imlie asks him to not stop her.

From the other side, the police come in and tell Ranas that their baby has possibly been trafficked adding that a hospital member is among them too.

Suspicions aroused about Mishra

In the cabin, Mishra deletes all the baby abduction planning email's and goes on to destroy the baby photos, but gets electrocuted instead.

On the other hand, Rudra asks the police about the impossibility of a hospital staff doing so and hears Mishra shrieking out in pain.

The police and Rudra go inside his cabin and Devika sees a photo of Imlie's baby following which the police ask Mishra about the photograph.

Mishra then says that they keep baby records after which the police ask him to show all the records but Mishra doesn't. 

The police then threaten him to tell the truth and Mishra lies about a man taking the baby.

Shivani gets hurt

Back at the security check, Shivani attempts to open the clothes bag but is pushed by the kidnapper who runs away with the bag.

Imlie and Atharva come in following which Shivani tells them why would anyone take Imlie's dirty clothes.

Imlie concludes that someone placed their baby in the clothes bag and the process escaped and Shivani points them out the direction through which the man escaped.

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