Imlie 28th June 2023 Written Update

Imlie 28th June 2023 Written Update

Imlie 28th June 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 28th June 2023 episode starts with Atharva abruptly declaring that he will keep Imlie at a safe distance from now on ensuring that his happiness is not jeopardized by her.

Atharva walks downstairs closing the door behind him as Imlie sits with a sad expression on her face and Dhairiya begins the video with an odd smile.

The engagement party begins and everyone groves to the tune of 'Dil Chori,' while Rudra and Shivani stand at the end, looking at each other with remorse.

However, upon not seeing Imlie, Kerry decides to go and play with her quickly as Imlie and Dhairya enjoy viewing the video Dhairya prepared for her.

As Kerry enters the room, she lovingly hugs Imlie who is astonished and queries why she wasn't invited to see a movie.

Imlie then whispers into Dhairya's ear that she does not want any more drama today because there has already been a lot of conflict.

Further she demands that Dhairya drop Kairi off at the party by playing with her.

Kerry refers to Dhairya as "Bhalu uncle" and recommends that they play Chor police to which Imlie and Dhairya agree.

As the game begins, Dhairya acts the third and pretends to abduct Imlie while Kairi plays the cop who rescues Imlie and then rushes through the hallway.

As they play, Dhairya enjoys with Kerry and pretends to shoot her while Kerry pretends to be a dying girl, which Atharva notices from downstairs.

When Atharva sees this, he explodes in rage and rushes upstairs.

He grand Dhairya's collar and punches him, shocking Imlie and Kerry.

Atharva is ready to hit Dhairya in the face with vigour when Imlie intervenes, shocking the other Rana members.

Imlie warns Atharva not to even try while Atharva yells at Dhairya and Imlie after witnessing Dhairya hitting Kerry.

Meanwhile, Kairi is irritated with Atharva for intruding on her game but Cheeni sends her to the room.

Atharva keeps lambasting Dhairya stating that he was the one who arranged the accident five years ago.

Imlie, squeezing her brows urges Atharva to have some humility before making another mistake about Dhairya to which Atharva responds that he is aware of Dhairya's reality and intentions.

As Imlie continues to protect Dhairya, Atharva mocks her for always siding with Dhairya, as she did 5 years ago, and orders Dhairya to stay away from Kerry.

Later, Imlie enters Atharva's room in a rage and confronts him about his bogus claims against Dhairya.

However, Atharva asks Imlie how Imlie changed his name from 'Dhairya Ji' to 'Dhairya' in 5 years.

Imlie requests that Atharva tell her directly what he intends to say to which Atharva responds angrily that Dhairya had taken everything from him in the last 5 years.

Atharva displays Imlie Dhairya's locket, which he discovered 5 years ago near the accident site while Imlie begs him to consider the possibility of so many people wearing the same chain.

Cheeni, on the other hand, listens to all of this and becomes concerned that if her reality is revealed then everything will be ruined.

When Atharva asks Imlie what Dhairya means to her, Imlie throws him against the wall.

Holding his collar, she explains that Dhairya is her sole friend who has never left her alone.

Imlie departs but Cheeni informs Anu of all this and expresses her frustration at Atharva's continued involvement with Imlie and the past.

Anu states she has a plan to use Kairi to establish Dhairya as the bad man in front of Atharva to which Cheeni hesitantly agrees.

Later, when the Mehndi ceremony begins, Atharva sets his hand on the Mehndi bowl and stamps his hand on the paper as Imlie passes by and falls on Atharva by accident.

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