Imlie 28th March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 28th March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 28th March 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 28th March 2023 episode starts with Dhairya objecting to Imlie's request to clean the office with the employees and asks her to put an end to this stupid habit.

Imlie and Dhairya exchange skeptical looks, and Imlie walks away, later returning with a handkerchief covering her face and beginning to clean the office.

However, the employees begin to mock her, and Dhairya remarks that it is such a pleasure to see a wealthy person clean everything the first time.

Imlie starts feeling low as a result of her fasting and pleads her Sita Maiya for help.

When the workers notice Imlie getting tired of the cleaning process, they label her as sluggish, while Dhairya remains vigilant about her.

Meanwhile, Keya hands Atharva Imlie's phone and asks him to give it to Imlie right away because she will need it to take important calls.

He then calls Imlie, but because she is cleaning the office, the call gets cut, and Atharva considers handing the phone to her in the office.

Meanwhile, as Imlie finishes her cleaning and enters the room, she finds all of the waste lying on the floor again, and the employees begin laughing at Imlie yet again.

Imlie shames them for their rude behavior, to which the employees respond by saying that they can't hide their shame because they don't have a veil, which infuriates Imlie.

She refers to herself as 'Dhit No. 1' (stubborn No. 1) and resumes cleaning.

Meanwhile, Devika approaches Rudra and asks if it is Sunday, and when Rudra agrees, Devika mocks him and asks why he is not going to work.

Rudra claims that since Imlie has joined his office, there has been no tension and he is stress-free, but Keya interrupts and informs them that no one at the office considers Imlie to be their boss.

He responds that Imlie has the ability and has proven it to everyone, and perhaps some of his employees will not accept Imlie because their male egos will be hurt because they have never worked under female leadership before.

Meanwhile, Imlie comes up with the idea of displaying Goddess Sita's sculpture in the office, and as a result, all of the employees are more concerned about not dirtying the office.

Later, while Imlie is doing paperwork, Atharva arrives and hands her the phone before getting all lovey-dovey with her.

Atharva and Imlie are very close when her phone rings and interrupts their romance.

Mohan threatens Imlie with murder because she was the one who put him in jail, and Atharva explodes in rage upon hearing the threats.

Dhairya overhears Mohan's threats while standing outside Imlie's cabin.

Akash then shoots Mohan, which shocks Keya because she believes her plan will fail, but Akash explains that Atharva is going to come and find Mohan and that when the police arrive, all the blame will fall on him, and Imlie will eventually have to give up handling the business.

Meanwhile, Atharva arrives and attempts to locate Mohan, while Dhairya begins his investigation after discovering a gun and a body hanging from a tree.

As he descends the body and discovers Mohan's, the police, Atharva, and Imlie arrive and are shocked to see Dhairya with the gun.

The police then issue an arrest warrant for Dhairya, but he continues to beg the officers to believe him because he has only just arrived.

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