Imlie 28th May 2023 Written Update

Imlie 28th May 2023 Written Update

Imlie 28th May 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 28th May 2023 episode starts with Imlie closing her eyes and begins to create a sketch of her lost child with all of her attention.

She remembers her time in the hospital, and when she opens her eyes she draws Kerry's face.

Imlie is taken aback by this and wonders why she is so attached to Kerry.

Kerry, on the other hand, is hiding beside the table when the housekeeper notices her and pointing to a group of ladies asks whether she is with any of them.

Kerry pointing to a lady distracts the housekeeper and flees away.

Meanwhile, Imlie grins as she recalls Kerry but soon begins to recall Atharva with Cheeni and all the happenings in the hospital.

When the cops see the sketch Imlie created, they start insulting her and ask her to consult a psychiatrist, while Imlie breaks down in tears.

She maintains it is not her mistake but a mother's belief that her child is safe somewhere.

The police insist that she hand over the sketch so that it can be circulated to the nearby stations.

Imlie mutters that it is Kerry's sketch and informs them that she will keep the sketch with her for a while but will return soon.

Atharva, however, contacts the police and demands that Kerry's photograph be circulated in the nearest police stations to which the inspector responds that he has already done so in other states.

He becomes irritated and confirms that Kerry cannot cross state boundaries because she is just 5 years old but the police demand that Atharva be prepared for any circumstance.

The phone cuts and Atharva panics not knowing what situation Kerry is in while Cheeni comforts him.

She promises Atharva that Kerry will be found by the cops shortly and he leaves to seek for something.

However, Anu calls and inquires whether Cheeni wishes to return to Delhi today or tomorrow, which perplexes Cheeni.

Anu reports that Atharva has confirmed that Cheeni is not her mother and just refers to her as a babysitter and that she overheard their disagreement about Kerry on the call yesterday.

Cheeni becomes enraged over Anu and says her that Atharva has already apologized to her and is now looking for Kerry demanding that she quit interfering in her life.

As Anu's Kitty party continues one lady shows her Devya's post in which she captured video of a child's footprint and claimed it was Sita Maiya.

Anu becomes suspicious and wonders if Imlie brought Kerry with her to Delhi.

Meanwhile, Imlie enters the house and Shivani and Devika distribute sweets to the guests as they depart.

Shivani informs Imlie that she missed the sweet while Devika mocks her for not staying until the end of the ritual and so missing out on the sweet.

Devika storms out as Dhairya offers Imlie his sweet claiming that Imlie has sole authority over Atharva.

Imlie disdains Dhairya for keeping the truth hidden and makes the resolute choice to inform Devika of Atharva's existence.

Rudra intervenes and stops Imlie from telling Devika the truth because her heart condition is already deteriorating and this news may cause her to have another stroke.

Imlie agrees and goes upstairs, making a sour expression, but when she sees Kerry, she is taken aback.

She rushes but runs into another girl, and Kerry soon begins observing every member of the Rana family as to who might be her mother.

As she fails, she returns to the room and hides behind the table, while Imlie enters and gazing at Kerry's sketch mutters about how she feels her presence around her.

Meanwhile, Atharva begs Sita Maiya to return Kerry to her as soon as possible because a father can no longer be separated from his daughter.

Imlie observes Kerry in the room as she rolls the sketch.

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