Imlie 29th January 2023 Written Update

Imlie 29th January 2023 Written Update

Imlie 29th January 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 29th January 2023 episode starts with Abhishek calling Cheeni but she disconnects the call.

He tries not to be discouraged as he shows Imlie the giant boutique of roses that he bought for Cheeni as they reminded her of them.

Later, at Rana house, the family is excitedly waiting for the couple to return while Rudra feels upset thinking that the family's happiness is hollow.

Just then, Atharva and Cheeni come there while Finni asks for Imlie.

Imlie comes behind him just then with the excuse that she had gone to get her phone from the car which everyone believes.

Afterward, Cheeni is talking to Anu on call while Imlie comes there and tells her that she should tell the truth to Abhishek since she and Atharva have decided to move on.

Cheeni agrees and tells her that she and Atharva were discussing the same earlier.

Before Imlie can leave, Cheeni stops her and starts making up fake scenarios about Atharva as how he had tears in his eyes at them being together on their date.

Imlie leaves while Keya comes there and asks Cheeni why she is so happy.

Cheeni shows her the ring and Keya gets excited as she reveals that she was looking for this design for quite some time.

Cheeni refuses to give it to her but Keya offers her double the amount which makes Cheeni accept the offer.

Further, while Keya and Cheeni are exchanging the ring for money, Imlie sees them and confronts them.

Cheeni hurriedly blames Keya and lies that she was just acting to see how low Keya can stoop.

Keya leaves angrily while she complains to Akash and tells him that she needs to find out Cheeni's plan as soon as possible.

Later, Atharva sits beside the bonfire and wonders why he is thinking that he wants someone else when he is getting the person he loves.

Imlie comes there just then and asks him how he is feeling while telling him to tell the truth only.

Atharva thinks about Cheeni's words during their date and lies to Imlie that his date went really well.

Imlie sheds a few tears and dubs them as tears of joy while she puts a shawl over Atharva, telling him that she has to take better care since he is someone else's now.

Atharva tries to stop her but Imlie leaves stating that she has no reason to stay anymore.

Further, Imlie makes dates-infused milk for the family while she hears Shivani scolding Cheeni for buying another heater.

Cheeni thinks to herself that the heater is for Atharva and leaves while the family again pesters Imlie and asks her to tell them about her date with Atharva.

Meanwhile, Cheeni goes to Atharva's room where he is holding the shawl thinking about Imlie.

Cheeni calls out to him as she states that she knows he was thinking about her and tells him that she bought the heater for his room since she knew his heater is broken.

However, Atharva tells her that the shawl is more than fine for him and goes to sit on the bed while Cheeni puts on the heater and tells Atharva that she can stay there longer.

Atharva lies to her that he is feeling sleepy and makes her leave.

All the while, Imlie is watching their interaction from the crack on the door and feels that she is not needed in Atharva's life anymore as she leaves.

At night, the heater in Atharva's room breaks and starts releasing smoke, making him cough out in tears.

At the same time, Imlie is also unable to sleep and goes to take a walk when she notices the smoke coming out of Atharva's room.

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