Imlie 29th July 2023 Written Update

Imlie 29th July 2023 Written Update

Imlie 29th July 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 29th July 2023 episode starts with Imlie looking for Kerry all around the house when she finds her squished in one of Atharva's t-shirts in Atharva's room.

Imlie asks Kerry if everything is good to which Kerry replies that she is lonely and asks Imlie if she can take Atharva's clothes with her because she misses him a much.

Kerry swears to be a good girl and not pester Atharva which causes Imlie to cry.

Imlie then stands up when she notices her other self in the mirror warning her not to put Kerry in the middle of her and Atharva's fight.

Imlie 2.0 adds that it's been difficult for her in getting raised without both a mother and a father but she wonders why Kerry should have to go through the same thing when she has both parents.

She looks in the mirror and becomes even more frustrated while Keya panics, fearful that Imlie might alter her mind and return to the Rana mansion.

Akash calms Keya down by explaining how Imlie is a staunch lady who once makes a decision, never changes her mind.

Later, everyone comes around Atharva, and he continues to respond strangely.

However, Imlie then brings Kerry and forces her to sit next to Atharva placing Atharva's hand in Kerry's, and declares that he has won this battle.

Imlie declares herself to have lost and adds that she and Kerry will now stay with Atharva making Keya and Akash afraid.

This makes the beep returns to regular and Devika smiles as the doctor examines Atharva and informs them that his condition is gradually improving.

Devika begins to praise Imlie adding that only she can keep this family in balance.

Shivani offers to Devika that Imlie spends some time with Atharva and everyone departs while Imlie and Kerry sit with Atharva, with Kerry exclaiming with delight that she no longer has to miss one of them.

Imlie tenderly kisses Kerry's head and encourages her to make something exciting for Atharva while Keya annoys Akash by pointing out how Imlie is on her way back, destroying their entire plan.

Keya claims she has replaced the nurse with an actor and that she will now script Atharva's ending her way.

Later, the nurse arrives in Atharva's room and is ready to inject the poison into her when Imlie arrives with the original bag just in time.

Imlie notices the nurse and begins interrogating her angrily about what she is doing to which the nurse responds in a weak tone that it is a vitamin dose.

Imlie goes through the file and contacts the doctor to inquire if he prescribed any vitamin doses.

The nurse then begins asking Imlie about her reservations about everyone and her work while Imlie warns the nurse to notify her before giving Atharva any medication.

Later, Imlie approaches Devika, Rudra, and Shivani and begs them to let her pay rent while residing in the Rana mansion because she wants to maintain her self-esteem.

It is also because she and Atharva are divorced.

Rudra and Shivani refuse while Keya mocks Imlie and refers to her 10-15k as pocket money.

Imlie responds appropriately while urging Devika to grant her these demands which Devika accepts with a heartfelt hug.

The nurse arrives the next morning and injects the poison directly into the saline, but Atharva wakes up and tosses the drip while yelling Kerry's name.

Imie arrives instantly and attempts to calm Atharva while sending the nurse outside.

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