Imlie 2nd April 2023 Written Update

Imlie 2nd April 2023 Written Update

Imlie 2nd April 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 2nd April 2023 episode starts with Imlie questioning Akash and Keya and confronting them with the truth, as there is not any construction work going on the hospital road.

Akash claims that Imlie is blaming baseless allegations, and Keya supports him by stating that they passed that road two days ago, and construction work has been ongoing at the time, so they did not want to take any chances.

However, Imlie indirectly mocks them both, saying that she hopes the next time they both don't get lost and get stuck.

This enrages Keya, who asks Imlie how she manages to have so much energy while being kidnapped twice.

She goes on to say that she and everyone else can see how well Dhairya has taken care of her throughout the night.

Keya continues to chastise Imlie, but Atharva yells at her and tells her to stop.

Imlie then grabs Atharva and asks him to rest, but Atharva claims that it is impossible to rest peacefully when family members are so difficult to live with, while Keya asks Atharva to question Imlie.

Atharva then challenges Imlie to prove herself in order to extinguish the flames Keya is starting between them.

He then takes glasses and begins breaking them one by one, claiming that Keya has placed such bizarre blame on their relationship today that he will prove it by walking on the glass shards.

He begins walking while Imlie's eyes fill with tears as she sees Atharva go to such lengths to prove his love for her, and as he walks across the pieces of glass from beginning to end, he tumbles on Imlie and she hugs him.

However, he abruptly changes his mind and declares that he and Imlie will leave the house today, shocking the Rana members, and Devika begins pleading with Atharva not to make such hasty decisions.

Atharva informs that in a relationship, respect is essential, and today Keya shamed Imlie and questioned her loyalty while everyone stands by.

He then asks Devika if she agrees with Keya's inappropriate questions, to which Devika apologizes to Imlie and orders Keya to apologize to her.

Meanwhile, Dhairya arrives home, and her mother quickly hugs him and expresses her concern for him, asking him what really happened.

Dhairya then explains everything, but her mother slaps him and asks her how he dares to kidnap a woman and starts questioning his ethics.

His mother orders Dhairya to apologize to Imlie immediately or he will never see her face again, to which he agrees.

In the Rana mansion, Akash explains to Keya that what she did was not wrong, but she did it at the wrong time, and that they will certainly chastise Imlie for getting involved with Dhairya at the right time.

When Imlie wakes up the next morning, she notices that she left a stain on the bed as her period finally started and decides to quickly change the bedsheet.

As she exits the restroom, she notices Atharva changing the bedsheet and begs him not to do it, but Atharva relaxes her and informs her that he knows.

Imlie then exclaims that she's been taught since adolescence that when a girl goes through her menstrual cycle every month, she should not speak about it and should remain, mum even if it hurts.

She begins to sob, and Atharva consoles her, telling her that she can share anything with her best friend, Arto, and Imlie informs him that her periods have finally started.

Imlie feels much better after informing this and thanks Atharva for helping her understand.

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