Imlie 2nd April 2024 Written Update

Imlie 2nd April 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Anjali packing her suitcase after which Malti goes to meet her and tries to stop her.

Meanwhile, Anjali asks her to let her leave alone and don’t disturb now while Malti invites in holi party and sees it on her own why Surya withbreakup from her.

On next day, Hemlata is excited to apply color to her husband but he rudely refuses her and asks her to wait for the guests to come.

Just then, Nirmala come there and tells her that Malti’s father and her husband comesare similar to each other.

Indira comes there and asks Nirmala if she has done all the preparation for the Holi party or not after which Imlie and Surya come downstairs.

Hemlata becomes excited and wishes happy holi to both of them while Surya applies color to each of them.

Indira asks Nirmala about Malti but Nirmala is also not aware where Malti is whereas Malti meets Anjali and forces her to come inside the house and see on her own what is happening in Surya’s life.

Anjali refuses to go inside and says that she wished to go along with Surya in this house after which Malti goes inside to bring Surya.

Imlie tells Hemlata that she is going outside to see the guests after which she takes the thaal full of color and goes outside.

Anjali notices Imlie coming outside but she is not aware that Imlie is Surya’s husband while Imlie is about to trip but Anjali saves her from falling.

Both of them meet each other for the first time while Imlie notices tears in Anjali’s eyes after which she advices Anjali to forget all her pain on the occasion of holi.

After that, both talks with each other and become happy while Imlie recalls that someone has called her after which she goes to see the guests.

Meanwhile, Malti goes inside the house after which Indira asks her where was she after which Malti tells to her that she went to receive her friend.

On the other hand, Surya calls in the hotel where Anjali was residing and he gets to know that she has gone from there after which he murmurs that it will be good for Anjali if she moves on in her life.

Just then, Hemlata comes there and tells Surya that he is not doing good with Imlie after which Surya asks her why is she saying so after which Hemlata tells him that she got to know about their fight.

She explains him to bring happiness in Imlie’s life as she has came there after leaving her family aside so it’s his responsibility to look after her.

Surya goes to meet Imlie but color falls from her hands and her feet get injured whereas Indira and Nirmala meet Anjali.

Meanwhile, Surya tries to sort his fight with Imlie but she yells at him for considering her as widow and showing mercy to her which again lead to an argument between them.

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