Imlie 2nd February 2023 Written Update

Imlie 2nd February 2023 Written Update

Imlie 2nd February 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 2nd February 2023 episode starts with Imlie telling Abhishek that she wants to tell him something that she cannot delay anymore.

Meanwhile, Cheeni goes to Atharva's room and tells him that she's sorry for not being able to reach the theater on time and asks if they should go to watch the same again the next day.

Cheeni tells him that she knows he missed her while Atharva stops her, stating that he does not know whether he missed her or not.

Meanwhile, Imlie asks Abhishek if he does not think Cheeni and him are different to which Abhi agrees and says that they are like two different pieces of the puzzle that come together to make a beautiful picture.

Imlie tries to explain to him but Abhishek tells her that he is thankful that she cared to warn him but he is ready to take the risk for love.

Back in Atharva's room, Cheeni hugs Atharva, telling him that nothing has changed, and turns him around as she asks if he does not feel anything when she tells him that she loves him.

Atharva gets manipulated as he stays silent while Cheeni makes a pouty face at him.

The next morning, Atharva is walking towards Imlie's room as he thinks to take advice from her but stops as he remembers that Imlie told him that he has to take a decision on his own.

Meanwhile, Imlie is also on her way toward him as she thinks to talk to him about his relationship with Cheeni but stops herself as thinks that she should not interfere.

They both stop in front of each other and talk through their eyes while Ginny comes there and tells them to get ready for Cheeni's Mata Ki Chowki.

Atharva goes to his room where Cheeni comes and is thinking about what to do.

She asks him if he has made the decision or not.

When he tells her that he needs time, Cheeni uses a butter knife to injure herself and manipulates Atharva as she states that God will give him a sign by making sure that all her pre-wedding rituals will be done with him and not Abhishek.

Further, all the family members get ready to do the pooja while the priest gives them vermilion to shower on the new couple afterward.

Imlie imagines a romantic moment with Atharva where he helps her ring the bell on the temple by getting on his knees.

Meanwhile, Cheeni signals to Keya to start their plan while Keya thinks that Cheeni will get rid of Imlie and she will betray Cheeni to get the whole property of the Rana family.

Keya goes behind Atharva and drops a nail while acting naive.

However, Cheeni leaves her spot due to getting the smoke in her eyes while Keya pushes Atharva who holds Imlie's hand and drags her forward with him.

Just then, all the family members throw the vermillion into the air, showering Atharva and Imlie in it as Cheeni looks on angrily.

Afterward, Cheeni is busy on her phone while Abhishek comes there and dusts a little vermillion to complete the ritual.

However, Cheeni scolds him for ruining her makeup and leaves.

Imlie sees their interaction and decides to tell the truth to Abhishek clearly.

Further, Atharva and Abhishek bump into each other while Atharva asks him if he is happy or not.

Abhi jokes that this dialogue should be told to the heroine and not him.

To answer Atharva's questions, Abhi says that when in love, one doesn't need to talk as the other understands them without even needing to speak.

Atharva imagines Imlie while Abhi pulls his legs by taking Imlie's name.

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