Imlie 2nd March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 2nd March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 2nd March 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 2nd March 2023 episode starts with Imlie pointing out that the way Chini’s eyes popped out seemed like she was hiding something in the store room.

Chini gasps as she asks Imlie if she’s accusing her of lying but Atharva tells her to hurry up so that they can head to sleep.

Later, Imlie dances energetically when she finds out that she got the job at Bhaskar Times as the guy she was disguised as.

As she dances, she trips and is caught by Atharva, who had just entered the room.

He asks her the cause for her celebration but Imlie lies that she was dancing as she didn’t get a chance to dance much at her own wedding.

He tells her what she is doing is not right as the bride and groom must dance together and asks Imlie to dance with him.

As they dance, Atharva compliments her dance and adds that she’s the world’s best life partner as well.

Imlie comments on how they are meant to spend a lifetime with each other but he thinks to himself that once her memory comes back, she will leave him alone.

On the other hand, Chini blames her luck to be rotten and Anu tells her to frame Imlie in such a way that she has no option but to spill the truth

Arpita overhears a little and tells Anu to go back along with Chini as they both are clearly not trying to help but Chini says she must stay for taking care of Imlie.

Meanwhile, Devika tells Atharva to express his love for Imlie to make up for his past mistakes.

Though Atharva is not convinced that he deserves Imlie, Devika tells him to listen to his heart and maybe then she won’t leave even after getting her memory back.

Later as Keya makes fun of Imlie for writing an invite text in Hindi, she is shocked when Imlie writes in slang and tells her she can write better English than her.

Offended Keya leaves the room while Atharva laughs witnessing all this.

Next, Imlie gives Rudra his tea and points out that he needs to have his medicines and overhears Chini yelling at someone over the phone.

Upon questioning, Chini reveals she was yelling at the hot air balloon guy but Imlie tells her the guy wasn’t really at fault as she had got the wrong ticket but stops midway as she realizes this event was prior to her memory loss.

Chini asks her if she just got her memory back or has been faking it all along.

Having to blurt out all of this, Imlie struggles to reply as everyone surrounds her and decides to tell the truth.

Rudra sides with Imlie by telling everyone that he told her about the hot air balloon incident and that she and Atharva were married long before.

He tells Chini not to further question Imlie and unnecessarily cause her stress.

Later, in private, Rudra is aggravated at Imlie and tells her to not call him “papa” as she has hurt everyone by this huge act she has put on.

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