Imlie 2nd May 2024 Written Update

Imlie 2nd May 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Amrit fighting with Surya and saying that Imlie came on her own with him in the bar.

Surya asks Imlie to come back with him to home but she refuses to go back and says that she does not want her character to be judged again.

Imlie tells Surya that she will manage her things on her own as from starting he has done a lot for her but Surya does not listens to her.

Surya tells her that when they were married she was just his responsibility but now he considers her as his wife after which he becomes anxious.

Imlie is shocked to hear it and the audience asks Imlie to sing a song after that Amrit’s men remove Surya from the bar while Imlie starts singing the song.

Later, Imlie goes to Pallavi’s house after which she is shocked to see Imlie over there while Bulbul becomes excited to see Imlie.

Bulbul calls Imlie inside the room and shows the gift that Prashant has brought for her after which Imlie says that she is happy for her.

Pallavi asks her to not show the evil eye to Bulbul’s upcoming life after that she again asks her why she came there and where is Surya.

Later, on the next day, the Reddy family tries to manipulate Surya against Imlie but he does not listen to them his constable brings the letter given by Imlie and gives him the good news that his suspension has been cancelled.

Surya and his family become happy to know that he can join the work again while the constable tells Surya that Imlie took her case and asked to take the suspension back.

Then, he reads the letter written by Imlie in which she mentions that she is very grateful to him for the things that he has done for her

Reddy family also reads the letter but does not say anything while Imlie while sleeping recalls Surya and gets emotional.

On the next day, Pallavi creates a chaos and asks Imlei to go back to her house instead of breaking Bulbul’s upcoming marriage.

Imlie asks her where will she live after which Pallavi scolds her for singing in bar after which Imlie assures her that she will find a room and shift over there.

Meanwhile, Surya is lost in Imlie’s thought and he does not have much food while Appa and Arjun discuss Surya’s life and assume that Surya is in love with Imlie.

On the other hand, Imlie searches for work so that she can manage her living while Surya asks Chaupaati to look after Imlie and give him updates on time to time.

Chaupaati goes and takes away Imlie from there and tells her that he has found another job for her after which Surya meets her and again requests her to live with him in his house.

Imlie refuses to live with him after which Surya says that he will also leave the house after which Imlie agrees to him that she will in his out house

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