Imlie 30th August 2022 Written Update

Imlie 30th August 2022 Written Update

Imlie 30th August 2022 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 30th August 2022 episode starts with Imlie picking up Cheeni piggy style and holding the rope to climb up the bridge.

However, Aryan stops Imlie and says it’s his turn to help and pulls the rope.

At the same time, people start recording Aryan pulling Cheeni and Imlie up.

On the other hand, Sundar showed the viral video to the family.

Meanwhile, Aryan saves Cheeni successfully but the rope breaks making Imlie fall.

However, Aryan holds Imlie’s hand while Malini requests Imlie to die in her mind.

Police reach the location while the goons are sitting in the police car.

Imlie holds dizzy Cheeni worriedly while Aryan demands the mastermind's name from the police.

In the car, Cheeni is thirsty so Aryan stops the car in the pandal.

Later on, Aryan asks Cheeni if she’s feeling okay and she says “Cheeni is different” but Imlie says “Cheeni is Bhondu”.

Aryan and Imlie start to fight when Imlie interrogates Cheeni about the goons.

Meanwhile, Cheeni goes and finds bhaag sharbat for AryLie.

Seeing AryLie fighting Cheeni screams “put finger on your lips” and gives them the sharbat.

A girl takes Cheeni to dance with her after assuring AryLie about Cheeni's safety.

Just then, AryLie drinks the special sharbat and gets drunk.

Both AryLie sits down and starts their drunk banter.

Cheeni smiles widely and sees Aryan phone lying on the floor.

On the other hand, Malini reaches the police station and blackmails the goons by showing their family picture.

The goons agree to not reveal Malini’s name reluctantly.

Afterwards, Malini calls Aryan's phone but Cheeni hides it.

Furious Malini tracks Aryan’s phone and reaches the pandal.

Meanwhile, AryLie is dancing like the duo of Krishan Ji and Radha.

Suddenly Imlie stumbles and Aryan holds her shoulder to save her from the fall.

Later, Aryan takes Imlie to a cottage situated on the pandal premise.

The cottage is decorated with fairy lights and white balloons.

Aryan kisses Imlie’s hand and pulls her body close to his.

Imlie turns around shyly but Aryan holds Imlie’s waist and puts his nose in the nape of Imlie and takes a deep breath.

Imlie runs to the bed with her breath hitching and her heart beating loudly like crazy.

Sitting on the bed Aryan removes her earring and necklace sensuously.

Just then, Aryan starts giving feathery kisses starting from Imlie's hand and travelling to her neck.

Imlie blushes furiously while Aryan cannot control himself.

Meanwhile, Imlie turns her back to Aryan but Aryan opens her blouse thread.

Aryan locks Imlie's hand on a pillow while he kisses her back.

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