Imlie 30th January 2023 Written Update

Imlie 30th January 2023 Written Update

Imlie 30th January 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 30th January 2023 episode starts with Imlie thinking of taking a sleeping pill as she is unable to sleep.

She gets up and starts heading outside her room when she smells smoke oozing out of Atharva’s room.

Imlie goes inside and sees a lot of smoke and also Atharva who is choking on the smoke.

Imlie helps Atharva get up after which Atharva hugs her very tightly.

She softly asks Atharva if he is feeling better now to which Atharva replies that now she is with him, and he feels better.

Imlie gives Atharva some water and then starts thinking about how did this smoke fill up Atharva’s room.

She remembers the time when Shivani asked a servant to keep a bucket of water in Atharva’s room so that the moisture content of the air is maintained in the room in spite of the heater being on.

Meanwhile, Chini plans to act like she is sick because she has lent her heater to Atharva and that will make Atharva and Imlie think that Cheeni is in love with Atharva.

She says this while being on call and Imlie enters her room.

Imlie says that it is Chinni’s bad luck that Imlie has overheard everything and then slaps Cheeni very tightly.

She says that she is the biggest idiot that she trusted Cheeni again and also feels guilty that she brought Chini back into Atharva’s life even when he was trying to move on from her.

Imlie announces that now she will tell Atharva the truth no matter how much it hurts him.

Chinni says that Atharva will return back to her again because he is madly in love with her as friendship does not fill the void of love.

Imlie says that this time she is also in the field to play and she will not let Cheeni win no matter what.

Further, she says that Chini is not Atharva’s love or prosperity but is Atharva’s doom.

After some time, Imlie goes to Atharva with medicines to which Atharva says that Imlie is trying to spoil him by pampering him.

Atharva says that friendship is the bond of a lifetime so she has to promise never to leave him alone when he is in trouble.

Imlie says that she will always be by his side no matter what to which Atharva replies that now, he wants to remain in trouble for the rest of his life so that Imlie stays with him forever.

Later, Imlie goes to Rudra and says she should have listened to him as he was right about Chinni and has all the right to be mad at her.

Rudra asks Imlie not to believe Cheeni ever again but instead to have faith in herself because she is the best judge of everything.

Meanwhile, Chini enters Atharva’s room and says she was missing him and wants to go on a movie date with him.

Atharva says that he does not feel like going to watch a movie, however, Chinni convinces him otherwise.

Later, as Atharva gets ready to watch the movie, Rupy teases him that he is going to enjoy himself with Imlie.

However, when Rupy sees Imlie also dressed up, she gets alert and asks Chini where she is going and Cheeni lies that she is going shopping with Abhishek.

Rudra then asks Atharva to drop him at his office while Chini texts Arto that she will meet him at the movie theatre. 

During the car ride, Rudra tells Atharva that sometimes few people become so close to our hearts that we fail to see them.

At the movie theatre, Atharva waits for Chini but she is late.

He then decides to call Imlie but doesn't as she must be busy with work.

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