Imlie 30th January 2024 Written Update

Imlie 30th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie 30th January 2024 episode starts with Agastya getting emotional for Imlie while Dadi Maa tries to assure him saying she is Radha Rani’s child, nothing can happen with her.

His whole family tries to console him when the doctor comes and announces that Imlie is out of risk now.

Agastya goes to tell Vishwa that Imlie is his life and today he saved his life while Vishwa replies he did this for Imlie, not for him

Agastya says even if he has feelings for her, he can't come in between them as Imlie only loves him.

Vishwa says if he takes her home she won't be safe as someone from his family members is helping the killer but Agastya shouts at him saying to hold your tongue.

Later, they all are relieved at the end that Imlie is safe but Vishwa persists Agastya to think about the matter and go to check his house.

They both then team up and travel to Choudhary Mansion where they discover Dolly talking to someone on the call.

They look at her with a glare while Dolly slips out everything that the killer had kidnapped her husband and says not to let go of the necklace.

However, she didn't know that Imlie would be attacked ruthlessly after which Dolly takes them to the location where the masked killer said to take her husband from.

They all go in a car where Vishwa and Agastya while bantering break into the masked killer's house.

They also discover Dolly's husband but the masked killer runs away however Dolly opens the door of the car which makes the masked killer to get slammed down on the ground.

Meanwhile, an enraged Dolly comes out to confront the killer, asking him how dare he hurt her Imlie but the masked killer reaches out to its knife and cuts Dolly's neck and runs away.

Both Agastya and Vishwa are shocked to see Dolly's condition and go to the hospital but Vishwa stays back for investigation as he gathers the two photos of the people the killer has pasted on the wall.

Meanwhile, Sonali meets Manno and he offers to go to the hospital with her.

There, they meet with Agastya and Manno introduces himself to Agastya.

Seeing the pendant in Agastya's hand which belongs to the killer, Manno says that it is empty inside and opens it up. 

On the other hand, Vishwa also arrives at the hospital but changes into the clothes of the doctor so he can take Imlie away, afraid that the killer will come here too.

Meanwhile, Agastya discovers that Imlie is not in her ward after which he suspects Vishwa's hand in it.

Annapoorna asks Navya to call her brother but Vishwa lets her know that he is worried sick about Imlie's safety.

Just then, Agastya takes the phone from Navya's hand and tells Vishwa to be ready as he is coming for him.

Meanwhile, after the cull, Imlie starts to speak, thinking she is at the hospital.

However, when she hears Vishwa's voice, she gets surprised and shocked.

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