Imlie 30th June 2023 Written Update

Imlie 30th June 2023 Written Update

Imlie 30th June 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 30th June 2023 episode starts with Dhairya confronting Imlie about her plan to tie the knot and Imlie responds that he and Rudra have always wanted her and Dhairya to be one.

Imlie asks Dhairya if he still wants to marry her and Dhairya, smiling, says that he is always ready to commit to Imlie, but Imlie has affection for Atharva.

Imlie assures Dhairya that she stood with him today because Atharva would have thrown him out of the house, which she cannot allow.

Dhairya continues to ask Imlie whether she is okay with all of this to which Imlie responds that she is okay as Dhairya is such a fantastic friend that she isn't hesitant about the wedding.

He accepts to marry Imlie and by shaking her hand and swears to be her best friend and to protect her from all harm.

Atharva and Imlie come downstairs together the next morning and are dressed in yellow suits for the Haldi ritual.

Exchange chilly stares, they sit apart, prompting guests to request Devika to bring the couple together.

Imlie declares that the groom's name is Dhairya and the guests begin whispering about how Atharva was previously married to Imlie.

However, now, Imlie is marrying Atharva's stepbrother Dhairya, while Atharva is marrying Cheeni.

Keya and Akash giggle as they hear the visitors gossip, while Devika disregarding the side talks invites Anu to come and bless the pair with haldi.

Shivani declares that she created haldi, especially for Imlie and Dhairya to which Devika responds angrily that she will not allow strangers to use her kitchen haldi.

Rudra, noticing Devika's arrogant demeanor questions her about why she is doing all of this to which Atharva responds that it might be a sign of God not wanting Imlie to marry Dhairya.

Imlie stands up to confront Atharva claiming that it is the best sign from God she can have because she is about to embark into a relationship with her closest friend.

Holding the color plate, she claims it doesn't matter if Haldi is there or not because she will be utilizing yellow color, which is also considered a component of the ceremony.

Shivani applies the yellow color to Imlie with an enormous smile while Atharva stares at Imlie in wrath.

Imlie grabs a handful of color and throws it in the air as a sign that a new relationship begins.

Following that, she gets a plate filled with yellow color and hands it to Atharva, telling him to use it as Hali and apply it on Cheeni since their haldi might run out.

Imlie demands Ginni start the party with a song, while Atharva wants Devika to begin their Haldi ceremony.

As the Kesariya song plays, Imlie and Dhairya groove to the melodies of the love song while Atharva, spotting Imlie smiles and approaches his hands towards Cheeni.

Atharva, taking Cheeni's hand leads her to the dance floor while Imlie mutters that after this marriage, Kairi will have a happy life with Atharva and Cheeni.

At the same time, she will also be able to prevent anything horrible from happening to Dhairya.

However, the guard rushes into the Rana house and seeks Imlie but fails because practically everyone is dressed in yellow outfits.

Later, the Guard approaches Cheeni mistaking her for Imlie and informs her of the discovery of the CCTV footage of the accident date.

He adds that no member of the Rana family left the house after Atharva.

Cheeni becomes horrified upon hearing this news and angrily says that she must delete the tape or her dream of starting a family with Atharva will collapse.

Later, Imlie arrives to wash her face when Atharva meets her and insults her, saying that the color on her face will fade just like her relationship with Dhairya.

Imlie, ignoring Atharva, is about to go when she falls on him, promoting Atharva to get Imlie closer to him.

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