Imlie 31st August 2023 Written Update

Imlie 31st August 2023 Written Update

Imlie 31st August 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 31st August 2023 episode starts with Imlie and Atharva's family deciding that they'll go to the kidnappers.

Rudra tells Imlie that he and Manish will go to the bank and asks Imlie to be in the kidnappers location.

Imlie agrees and leaves with the Ranas while Rudra and Manish hurry to the bank.

Kairi tensed

At a playhouse, the goons dismiss the pleas of the kids to leave them but instead, ask them to play with each other.

The man notices a solitary Kairi and asks if she doesn't want to play, Kairi replies that she wants to play with baby.

He tells her to manage with toys and after Imlie comes up with money, she can play with her sister.

He then asks another mate of his to take care of the baby and orders Kairi to play who walks to the playhouse slowly.

The goon's mate terms him to be a good man since he bought the kids in the playhouse before they got sold off.

Hearing this, the man says that he's bought the kids since he didn't want them to wear out his ears. 

The mate asks what if Imlie doesn't come to which the goon replies that if Imcase she doesn't come they'd break Kairi's hands and legs thus forcing her to beg.

Amidst all this, two kids notice Kairi and ask her if she's fine.

Kairi replies that she's tensed for baby since bad uncle has kept her adding that she's waiting for Imlie to come and save all of them.

From a corner, Imlie and others make a plan to go inside to retrieve Kairi and the other kids.

Akash gets angry on Keya

At the hospital, Akash calls up one person after another for blood while Keya comes in.

The doctor enters and says that the transfusion of blood needs time asks Akash to manage things fast and walks away.

Akash requests Keya to give the blood but Keya doesn't say anything.

He then calls up Rudra and from the other side, Rudra opens up about the kidnappers demanding money. 

Akash hangs up the call and informs Keya about the kidnappers.

He terms Keya to be selfish since she's not giving Anu blood and Keya breaks down.

Afterwards, Kairi and the kids while searching for a baby come across Imlie and Atharva dressed as dolls after which a goon notices the dolls, and checks them out.

Keya opens up

Meanwhile, Keya confesses to Akash that she's undergoing fertility treatment which is why she can't give blood to Shivani. 

Akash apologises but Keya agrees to give blood since there's no guarantee that the treatment will work or not.

On the other hand, Kairi narrates monkey poems thus signalling Imlie to slap the man.

The man calls out for his mates and sees the slap after which he asks what else can the dolls do.

Kairi then puts on music and Imlie and Atharva dance to the amusement of the goons. 

Imlie's stitches start opening and Atharva notices the blood mark in Imlie's cloth.

Kairi in danger

Another mate comes in and noticing the blood, fires out a gunshot putting an end to the dancing.

He utters that the dolls are fake since they've blood and insists on checking them out by firing them.

He places his gun to shoot Atharva but Imlie breaks character and begs the goon to leave Atharva.

The goons then take them out with the kids aiming a gun at them and stating that they've a surprise.

Atharva and Imlie are shocked when they realise that the goons have imprisoned Devika and the other Ranas.

The kidnapper orders for the kids to be placed in the truck and plans to tie up the Ranas.

Atharva shouts that if they do anything to Kairi, he'll kill everyone but the goon threatens him to be silent.

Imlie states that Rudra and Manish are coming with the money but the goon aims to shoot Imlie.

Kairi asks the goon to not shoot Imlie after which the goon plans to kill Kairi. 

Fear envelops the Ranas while Atharva begs the goon to not kill Kairi.

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