Imlie 31st January 2024 Written Update

Imlie 31st January 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie 31st January 2024 episode starts with Imlie asking for forgiveness from Vishwa thinking that he is Agastya as her eyes are blindfolded.

She keeps saying how she can give her life for Agastya's sake which makes Vishwa get watery eyes.

Vishwa says yes which makes Imlie scared as she knows it is not Agastya and she starts yelling which makes him tell her that it is him.

Meanwhile, Agastya tries to calm Anapoorna down and tells her that she needs to start the preparation of the wedding while he will bring his bride back.

Elsewhere, Imlie demands to be taken back to Agastya however Vishwa tells her that she can be mad at him but he will not take her back as it is not safe.

Imlie keeps yelling at him however he moves out of the room while Imlie keeps calling for help and bangs into things while finding a way out.

Back at the hospital, Sonali is crying when her new friend comes and tries to cheer her up and then says that they need to continue their hunt.

He says that they need to find the killer as he has found a date on the locket which makes Sonali say that the photo was taken in the Anand studio and they need to go there.

The next day, Vishwa goes to Imlie's room and but she runs out of the room and locks him in.

She runs into the forests and starts calling for help while her whole family is praying for her safety.

Imlie reaches a phone station however it is looked so she picks up a rock and shatters the glass.

She then calls Agastya and tells him that he does not know where she is while Agastya asks her to focus and hear the voices around her.

Agastya says that he has decided to get married which makes Imlie ask nervously who is he going to marry as she has been abducted.

She then accuses him of cheating on her and keeps yelling at him and calls the woman a bald witch to which Agastya says that Imlie should stop cursing herself as is going to marry her and will find her.

Imlie tells Agastya that she feels that there is a sweets shop and a very dusty place around however before Imlie could say anything else, Vishwa comes from behind and takes the phone.

Vishwa yells and says that he cannot see her in pain to which Imlie asks while yelling why is he doing all of this as he hates her.

He screams at the top of his voice and says that he loves Imlie making her shocked.

Vishwa takes Imlie back and ties her while she says that she pities him as he does not know what love is.

She says that love is selfless and what Vishwa is doing right now is totally selfish after which she says that Vishwa is unlucky as he grew up in an atmosphere where the talks were only about hate and revenge.

Vishwa tells Imlie that someone from Agastya's family is after Imlie's life and then says that Agastya still thinks of her as a bar singer.

Imlie says that she needs a wedding dress.

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