Imlie 31st July 2023 Written Update

Imlie 31st July 2023 Written Update

Imlie 31st July 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 31st July 2023 episode starts with Imlie confronting the nurse causing Atharva to react in his sleep.

Imlie drags the nurse out of the room and interrogates her warning her not to expose herself in front of her and asks who authorized her to do all of this.

Meanwhile, Keya and Akash confront Imlie with the nurse which frightens them while Devika, Rudra, and everyone else walk downstairs and are surprised to see Imlie twisting the nurse's hand.

Imlie, seeing everyone, informs them of how this violent nurse was attempting to injure Atharva while the nurse cries out and swears Imlie is the one who told her to do so.

This astounds everyone while the nurse lies that Imlie begged her to do it for Kerry.

Keya and Akash point the finger at Imlie but Rudra and everyone else yell at Keya and support Imlie.

The nurse then urges everyone to search Imlie's bag for proof claiming that there must be a bottle of poison inside as Keya rushes out of Imlie's bag with malicious eyes.

Keya then pulls the bottle of Poison from Imlie's purse shocking everyone.

Everyone looks surprised at Imlie as she claims to have rushed from the office to her house after watching the nurse stop Atharva's medication.

Imlie pulls out the teddy and explains how she was the one who put a camera inside to keep a watch on Atharva while Akash believes Imlie put it inside to check if her task of getting Atharva killed was completed or not.

Keya yells even louder and threatens to call the cops to which Imlie remains firm and agrees, frightening both the nurse and Keya.

Akash, on the other hand, warns the two to stay in one room until the police arrive.

Later, while Imlie and the nurse sit in one room, Imlie tries to scare the nurse by telling her about how the police torture suspects in jail making them feel like hell every day.

This makes the nurse nervous so Imlie sits next to her and warns her to spell the truth.

The nurse remains concerned as Keya stands on the window and gestures for the nurse to flee away from the window.

This causes the nurse to flee through the window while Imlie becomes alarmed and chases after her.

Keya, on the other hand, begins her new drama by panicking everyone and informing them of Imlie's escape with the nurse, which she witnessed with her own eyes.

Meanwhile, the police arrive and apprehend Imlie who is confronted outdoors by the entire Rana family.

The police begin questioning Imlie in a severe tone, but Rudra and Devika caution the police and encourage him to find the true perpetrator.

Keya and Akash evilly smile and grumble about how their strategy is at least partially effective.

The police then arrest Imlie and warn everyone to comply because every sign points to Imlie.

Shivani, Devika, and everyone pleads with Imlie to take her out quickly.

Meanwhile, Atharva awakens in a panic and shouts out to Imlie while Ginni arrives and informs him of everything that has happened.

This news shocks Atharva, and Kerry rushes over to ask Imlie about his involvement with the police.

Atharva swears to Kerry that he will find Imlie and gets out of bed tossing the drip off his hands as everyone panics at seeing him in this condition.

However, Shivani stops Atharva but Atharva begins chastising everyone for failing to stop the cops.

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