Imlie 31st March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 31st March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 31st March 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 31st March 2023 episode starts with Devika expressing concern for Imlie because she and Atharva have not returned home since yesterday, while Keya gets upset because she does not want Imlie to return to their lives.

As Imlie informs Atharva and Dhairya that a third party has murdered Mohan, a rally approaches and Imlie is kidnapped once more by three men who quickly flee with her.

When Atharva notices Imlie's absence, he and Dhairya become even more concerned, and they begin looking for her.

As the rally wraps up, Atharva and Dhairya begin fighting and taunting each other while keeping an eye out for each other's casualties.

Dhairya, on the other hand, asks Atharva to calm down and think of ways to find Imlie, and as Atharva begins to walk, Dhairya follows him.

Meanwhile, Imlie is being dragged into the truck and forcefully tied with rope, warning them that what they are doing will have negative consequences soon.

However, one of the kidnappers orders Imlie to shut up her mouth, and when she does not, they hit her head so hard that she falls unconscious.

However, one of the kidnappers calls Akash and asks him about the next part of the plan, to which Akash, standing next to Keya, demands the kidnappers to take her as far as possible so that she never returns.

Rudra then confronts Akshay and questions him about who he is speaking with and why he take the name of kidnap, to which Akash responds with a frightening tone and expression that Imlie has been kidnapped.

Rudra is terrified and considers calling the police before leaving, while Akshay relaxes, relieved that Rudra did not hear the entire conversation.

The kidnappers then consider using online map to hide Imlie, but his phone does not display results due to poor network coverage.

However, as Imlie overhears their conversation, an idea occurs to her, and she uses this app, which converts her voice into a computerized voice, and she directs the kidnappers to the police station.

Meanwhile, Atharva and Dhairya arrive at the police station, where Atharva requests that the inspector locate Imlie's phone number.

Devika collapses and bursts into tears in the Rana mansion as Rudra informs everyone that Imlie has been kidnapped, thinking about how she has been mocking her while she and Atharva have been in danger the entire time.

The kidnappers drive and soon arrive near the police station, where they are shocked and wonder how Imlie duped them.

Imlie calls out Atharva's name, which makes the him concerned, while Dhairya notices Imlie's veil stuck outside the truck.

They quickly follow the truck, hop into it, and begin beating the two while the truck appears to be out of control on the highway.

Meanwhile, Atharva pulls over the truck, and they both bring out the kidnappers and begin questioning them about their boss.

However, one of the kidnappers manages to flee, and this information is relayed to Akash, who orders that his name not be mentioned in any of the heinous deeds.

Imlie grabs the kidnapper's collar and asks him about the boss, when someone shoots Atharva in the abdomen.

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