Imlie 31st March 2024 Written Update

Imlie 31st March 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Imlie telling Indira that she will do all the rituals after filling out the form and she is about to go.

Just then, Indira asks Malti to call Dadi and tell her that Imlie is fighting with her in-laws every time.

After that, Imlie stops and requests Indira to not do anything as Dadi is so old as she is already not well.

Concurrently, she decides that she will first do the rituals and then will go to fill out the form whereas Anjali comes in purvayia and waits for Surya.

Meanwhile, a person snatches her purse but she sprays perfume in his eyes and takes back her purse from him.

Just then, Surya comes there after which Anjali hugs him and asks why didn’t he receive her call while Surya does not say anything.

On the other hand, Imlie cooks food for everyone in a few minutes only after that she receives a call from Dadi.

Dadi asks her if she is fine over there or not and whether she has filled the form or not after which Imlie lies to her that she is fine over there.

Just then, Nirmala goes into the kitchen and decides to ruin Imlie’s hard work after which she switches to the gas to ruin the halwa.

Meanwhile, Anjali asks Surya if he is angry over her as he is not talking to her but he does not receive anything after which she asks him who received her call in the morning.

On the other hand, halwa gets spoiled and Imlie notices the time that only fifteen minutes are left so she asks her if she can go and fill out the form first.

Indira does not allow her and says that without completing the ritual she won’t go out which shatters Imlie’s heart.

Imlie again prepares the halwa whereas Anjali tells Surya to not feel afraid of Indira as she will handle everything.

She asks Surya to take her to his house but Surya asks her to stay in the hotel today and go back tomorrow.

Anjali asks him what is going on but he does not say anything to her after which he is about to tell the truth to Anjali.

Just then, Imlie calls Surya and asks him to convince Indira to let her go after which he asks her to follow Indira’s instruction and he tells Anjali that he will meet her later on.

Then, he goes from there while Anjali cries whereas Imlie calls in school and asks sir if he can wait for two hours as she hasn’t filled the form due to an emergency in house.

Sir denies it and asks her to fill out the form next year whereas Surya returns home and Indira asks him to eat the halwa.

Imlie tells Surya that her dream has been broken again after which he tells her that he wants her to meet someone.

Surya brings the professor over there and tells Imlie that he promised her that he would help her throughout everything.

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