Imlie 31st May 2023 Written Update

Imlie 31st May 2023 Written Update

Imlie 31st May 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 31st May 2023 episode starts with Cheeni getting ready to depart when she is confronted by Atharva, who asks where she is going.

Cheeni becomes concerned and states that she is going to meet with her friend who runs a Ngo and that she may be able to assist with Kerry's case.

Further, Cheeni departs with a mournful expression and Atharva murmurs that the ticket has already been purchased, and he is on his way to Delhi to pick up Kerry.

He says that he cannot risk informing Cheeni since she will stress out much more if she finds out.

Cheeni and Atharva stand at an equal distance in the airport, and she constantly feels Atharva's presence, but then she changes her thoughts and thinks of Kerry.

Anu, on the other hand, calls Cheeni and insists that she come immediately and take Kerry away because caring for her is torment for her.

Cheeni tells Anu to take the best care of Kerry because the flight is going to be a couple of hours long and she can't wait to see her sweetheart again.

Kerry hears everything as the phone is on speaker and notices how stressed Cheeni is since she is not at home. 

Kerry prays to God to find her mother quickly while someone knocks on the door and Anu upon opening it, confronts Imlie and the cops.

Imlie shouts out to Kerry, who swiftly slips out of the window and runs away saying that she is going to find her mother and bring her to Cheeni.

However, after checking the entire house the cops warn Imlie that Kerry is missing and she queries Anu about where she kept her.

Anu says that she rescued Kerry from Imlie and that she was just playing with her a minute ago, but she too has no idea where Kerry has gone.

Imlie becomes more concerned when she discovers Kerry's hair clip on the floor, whilst Kerry moves happily around the busy road.

However, when police officers begin searching for Kerry on the road, Kerry hides and walks in front of a lady's flower cart.

She asks Kerry where her mother is, and Kerry points to the fair, saying her mother is inside.

The lady smiles and says she'll take her inside because she's headed that way and after introducing herself as Titli, she settles Kerry inside her flower cart.

As she enters, she lowers Kerry and asks nicely where her mother is.

But, as Titli becomes preoccupied with someone, Kerry flees and Titli believes her mother has taken her.

Meanwhile, Rudra phones and queries Imlie about whose kid was present in their home, to which Imlie responds with tears streaming down her cheeks and reveals how Kerry travelled all the way from Goa.

When Imlie sees the circus, she assumes Kerry is there and instantly ignores the call.

Devika, on hearing that Kerry was here, considers phoning and joyfully presenting Kerry to her parents, which frightens Rudra.

Rudra informs them that he does not know them, while Devika suspects Imlie of bringing Kerry home.

Meanwhile, Kerry is inside the magic show where she walks up on stage and asks the man where her mother is.

The man states that her mother is present in the circus, which makes Kerry happier, and she asks that he bring her mother to her right now with his magic.

The man chooses to put Kerry in a room where her mother will come running when she hears her voice.

Kerry enters the room and summons her mother and Imlie, who is present at the circus, is taken aback when she hears Kerry's voice.

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