Imlie 3rd April 2023 Written Update

Imlie 3rd April 2023 Written Update

Imlie 3rd April 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 3rd April 2023 episode starts with Imlie starting her week working in the office when one of Rudra's partners inquires as to why the items are not delivered yet.

However, when she inquires about Bablu, he displays his disdain, claiming that the tyre has been punctured and that he only takes orders from Rudra and Dhairya.

Dhairya, on the other hand, is late for work, and his mother hands him a tiffin full of malpua, ordering him to apologize to Imlie.

In the Rana mansion, Atharva plans to surprise Imlie with a basket full of delicious dark chocolates and begins decorating the basket with flowers.

When Ginni notices Atharva decorating the basket full of chocolates, she inquires if it is a special day.

Devika, Shivani, and Rudra gather at the place, making Atharva finally disclose that it is Imlie’s menarche has begun.

This statement makes everyone uncomfortable and Shivani orders Atharva to stop taking the name and think about Ginni instead.

Atharva tries to calm her down by telling them the fact that menstruation is a natural occurrence.

Ginni understands his words and hands Atharva a hot water bag to give to Imlie to relieve her cramps, making Atharva hug her.

She praises him for being unprejudiced, while Devika smiles and requests Atharva to leave before he gets too late.

Meanwhile, Bablu refuses to change the tire at Imlie's command, making her change the tire herself while her cramps worsen.

Dhairya arrives at the place and assists Imlie in changing the tire, asking why she is the one changing it, to which Imlie explains Babu's stubbornness.

Dhairya coldly glares at Babu, making him start the truck and leave.

Imlie feels frustrated seeing Babu's chauvinistic attitude and resolves to change it.

Later, Dhairya enters Imlie's cabin and apologizes for the abduction, offering her the malpuas prepared by his mother.

Imlie graciously accepts the malpuas, and Atharva enters Imlie's cabin seeing her enjoy the malpuas.

Imlie notices Atharva and tells him how Dhairya's mother has kindly made malpuas for her when she sees the basket of chocolates.

She gets excited and asks if he has got them for her.

Dhairya is about to leave the cabin for work when Atharva claims Imlie should enjoy the homemade sweet malpuas instead.

Later, as everyone sits for dinner at the Rana mansion, Imlie brings the malpuas and offers everyone a bite.

Keya takes this situation as an opportunity and mocks Imlie, telling that it is silly how Imlie rejected Atharva's branded chocolates for some ordinary sweet dish.

When Rudra tastes it, he is baffled, being reminded of the time when her girlfriend made the same-tasting malpuas.

Rudra's face flushes at remembering the past and Devika notices this action.

Imlie also sees this but thinks that Rudra is distracted by the delicious malpuas.

In the office, Dhairya is enraged and plans to take all the happiness from the life of Atharva, just like he has taken everything from him.

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