Imlie 3rd April 2024 Written Update

Imlie 3rd April 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Surya challenging Imlie that she will not succeed in applying colour to him.

After that, Imlie accepts his challenge after which she starts chasing him to apply the colour.

On the other hand, Anjali meets the Reddy family, praise them and tells them that she has been waiting to meet them for a long time.

Malti praises her in front of everyone so that Indira can be impressed by her after which the function starts and everyone enjoys the Holi.

Surya applies colour to Anjali and is shocked to see her there whereas Imlie applies colour to him and tells Surya that she won the challenge.

After that, Imlie applies colour to Anjali and asks Surya if he knows her after which Surya tells her that Anjali is Malti’s college friend.

Anjali asks Surya who is Imlie after which Indira tells her that she is Surya’s wife which breaks Anjali’s heart and she decides to go from there.

Imlie asks her if she is fine while she is about to go whereas Malti stops her then Surya asks Malti to not stop her.

Anjali is not able to accept it and she gets unconscious after which Malti takes her inside the house and asks her to have lunch.

Indira also asks Anjali to stay along with them until she gets well whereas Imlie prepares juice for Anjali whereas Imlie tells  Hemlata that Surya lost the challenge to her.

Hemlata tells her that Surya did all these things to make her Holi special which makes Imlie shocked and she does not say much when Hemlata parties her.

Meanwhile, Anjali asks Surya why is he ignoring her and says that if he does not tell the truth then she will directly ask about it from Imlie.

Imlie comes with juice to Anjali’s room whereas Anjali cries and asks her questions to him.

After that, Surya tells her Imlie is his wife and he married her as per his will and asks her to move on in life.

Anjali tells him that he was her life and that without him she won’t be able to survive and she goes from that room.

She packs her luggage and decides to go from there while Malti tries to stop her whereas Suryaa asks Malti to not stop her.

Surya scolds Malti for calling Anjali to their home asks why is she becoming so selfish and asks her to see tears in Anjali’s eye.

Malti tells him that she knows that he loves Anjali not Imlie while he asks Malti to not drag Anjali again back into his life.

He tells Malti that he wants Anjali to move on in her life whereas Imlie asks Surya why he married her.

Meanwhile, he ignores her after which she asks him if he has someone else in his life they are about to meet with an accident but Surya saves Imlie.

Imlie comes out of the car and tells him that she won’t come with him until he tells the truth after which he receives a call from someone which makes him anxious.

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