Imlie 3rd February 2023 Written Update

Imlie 3rd February 2023 Written Update

Imlie 3rd February 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 3rd February 2023 episode starts with Abhishek reminding Atharva that Imlie is his best friend.

Abhishek tells him that he's lucky to have found his best friend in Imlie and states that he hopes he and Cheeni also become best friends after marriage.

Atharva stays silent as Abhishek tells him to not let go of Imlie and leaves.

Further, Atharva is angry and complains to GS that he is the only one confused while Imlie and Cheeni are sure about their decision including Abhishek.

Just then, Cheeni comes there and scolds him for dragging Imlie during the vermilion show.

She tells him that they were supposed to get showered and he would have confessed about their relationship to the whole family afterward.

Meanwhile, Imlie is looking around for Abhishek, intending to tell him the truth.

Cheeni touches Atharva's hand sensually and steals the phone from him which she uses to message the whole family except for Imlie.

Atharva asks her what she did while Cheeni tells him that she has called the whole family into the hall so that he can confess his love.

All the family members wait for Atharva to say something while Imlie also comes there to see them gather.

Atharva feels encouraged seeing Imlie as he starts singing a song and DJing instead of confessing as Cheeni has asked for.

All the couples start dancing while Cheeni starts walking away; annoyed.

However, Abhishek holds her hand and convinces her to dance with him.

Later, Imlie feels unable to keep Cheeni's truth to herself and tells Rupy that she wants to talk about Cheeni and Abhishek.

However, Rupi cannot hear anything due to the loud music & Abhishek comes there and tells Imlie that they can talk somewhere else.

Imlie tries to tell the truth to Abhishek but he continues telling her that he will be fine with Cheeni and will work on it.

Abhishek apologizes for being rude as he states that he will be fine and leaves.

Elsewhere, Cheeni comes to Atharva's room and scolds him for not confessing in front of the whole family and instead making them dance.

Atharva tells her that she's immature while stating that he does not think they should patch up.

Cheeni puts a hand over his mouth and continues her emotional drama, making him feel guilty.

Cheeni aguilt trips Atharva back into believing that he loves her and tells him that he needs to spend time with her the next day when she and Abhishek's cocktail party is being held.

Further, Imlie is making breakfast for Cheeni who tries to taunt her saying that she must have been used to waiting for now.

However, Imlie asks her if she has started talking to herself too, and says it will beneficial for her in the future when she ends up alone because of her actions.

Imlie leaves while Cheeni thinks that she is going to make Imlie feel like she does not belong at the cocktail party.

Later, Imlie sees the invitation card at her table and gets excited as she sees the theme be "Pagdandiya".

However, she feels confused as to why would Cheeni keep it as a theme when she hates everything rural and goes around the house to confirm the theme.

The family members are busy arranging for the party when Imlie bumps into Ginny who tells her that the theme is "Formals and Suits".

Imlie thinks that Ginny meant Salwar suits and gets happy as she overhears Shivani talking to someone on call and telling them to not call her.

Imlie asks her if she's okay and Shivani makes her leave while Imlie overhears Cheeni.

Cheeni tells on call that she kept the theme Pagdandiya since she lived there for 5 years and wants to be nostalgic.

As soon as Imlie leaves, Cheeni laughs as she states that it was a fake call to trap Imlie in her plan.

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