Imlie 3rd February 2024 Written Update

Imlie 3rd February 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie 3rd February 2024 episode starts with Bulbul asking Imlie which dress she likes which makes Karan answer his favorite.

Bulbul asks him to wear it himself if he likes it so much because his choice is pathetic.

Imlie wants to talk to Agastya about Ashu but no one lets her meet with Agastya before marriage as it is considered a bad omen.

However, Agastya finds his way to Imlie but she pushes him behind the curtains and says that now they can talk as well as maintain the tradition.

Agastya says that Imlie has gotten smarted because of him while Imlie tells him that she has hidden a part of her life from him.

Meanwhile, Vishwa goes to Ashu's school and says that he is Imlie's friend and wants him to come with him.

Back at home, Imlie says that Ashu was his first and one true love which makes Agastya ask nervously what he is then in her life.

Imlie says that she loves both but differently to which Agastya replies that he will show this Ashu that Imlie belongs to Agastya.

Imlie says that this will make Ashu start crying and he will be inconsolable even if he is offered a toy, this confuses Agastya however Imlie goes on to tell him that Ashu is her sister's son and is only 7 years old.

She says that she did the contract marriage for Ashu's treatment and hid him from the world because of the killer.

Agastya holds Imlie and drags her closer while the curtains fall onto them when Anapoorna comes and scolds them for a meeting after which she banishes them to their room.

Agastya thinks to himself that he will bring Ashu to her on her special day.

Meanwhile, Vishwa asks Ashu if he has his mom's picture which makes Ashu nod yes and show him his mom's picture after which Vishwa says that now he will show his father to him.

Ashu gets overjoyed and says thank you after which Vishwa says that someone will come to pick him up today and he will show this picture of his mom and dad to Imlie in front of everyone..

Later, Agastya meets Ashu and remembers that he has met him at the hospital while Ashu runs into his arms.

Agastya sees that Ashu has already packed his bags to which Ashu replies that he knows today is Imlie's special day and how he knows is his secret.

He then asks Agastya to pick up his bags as he is a grown man which makes Agastya think that Ashu is purely Imlie part 2.

Agastya says that he is getting married to Imlie which makes Ashu very happy.

Back at home, Avinash picks up the photographs that Sonali brought with her as she wanted to find out who is in them.

He says to himself what are his and Vishwa's childhood pictures doing over here?

Meanwhile, Agastya has reached the house with Ashu who is scared to go in which makes Agastya remind him of his brother.

Agastya removes Ashu's fear after which Ashu runs towards the house.

End of Imlie today's episode written update. To download Imli Hindi Serial all episodes or watch today's full episode (3 February 2024) online, go to

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