Imlie 3rd July 2023 Written Update

Imlie 3rd July 2023 Written Update

Imlie 3rd July 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 3rd July 2023 episode starts with Imlie following Atharva in search of Dhairya who has also been absent from the house since the morning.

Meanwhile, Cheeni requests that Dhairya remain happy with Imlie and allow her to remain happy with Atharva but Dhairya responds angrily that if God exists, his relationship with Imlie will work.

Dhairya adds that he will not tell Imlie anything until Cheeni confesses everything to Imlie and Atharva and proves that she is truly different and has transformed.

Cheeni becomes agitated and shouts that she cannot risk losing Kerry and Atharva to which Dhairya gets angry and declares that he will go down and tell everyone the truth.

As Dhairya tries to side Cheeni and go Cheeni tries to stop him but Dhairya's feet roll over some batteries, causing him to lose his balance and fall noisily from the Terrance to the parked car beneath.

Cheeni cries out when she sees this and Akash yells and alerts everyone when he comes outside and discovers Dhairya's body.

When everyone hears Akash's cry they rush out of the Rana home, and when they encounter Dhairya they are taken aback.

Simultaneously, Atharva reaches upstairs, where Cheeni hides to avoid being seen, while Atharva upon witnessing Dhairya's body, cries his name in horror and throws his wedding crown as he reaches downstairs.

Imlie cries out when she sees Dhairya while Rudra stumbles down the steps, discovering the accident.

When Atharva gets downstairs he pulls Dhairya and tries to wake him up, to which Dhairya abruptly opens his eyes.

When Imlie and Atharva see this they are astonished and convince Dhairya that he will be fine shortly but Cheeni gets scared.

Later, Anu enters the room and discovers Cheeni squished in the corner of the bed murmuring on her own.

Cheeni keeps ranting about how she didn't even touch Dhairya and how it was an accident and Anu tries to silence her.

However, Kerry approaches Cheeni and inquires about Dhairya prompting Cheeni to run to her and lavishly embrace and hugs her.

She keeps crying, and Kerry wonders whether she did anything with Dhairya, to which Cheeni is about to confess her secret when Anu orders Kerry to go.

As Kerry walks away, Anu grabs Cheeni and tells her to get back to normal, pointing out the benefits of Dhairya's chapter being entirely closed.

Meanwhile, Kerry informs Atharva about Cheeni's weeping prompting him to walk upstairs, while Anu smiling, encourages Cheeni to forget everything and start over.

Hearing this, Atharva queries Anu about what to forget while Anu fabricates her own story and requests Atharva to look after Cheeni, who appears to be in shock after seeing the tragedy.

Atharva calms Cheeni down and claims to be going to the hospital to look for Dhairya, which Anu tries to prevent by claiming that because Dhairya is his step-brother, there is no need to waste time with him.

Atharva becomes enraged by this statement and runs out claiming to exhibit at least basic humanity.

Later, everyone arrives at the hospital and Imlie begs Doctor to save Dhairya.

Meanwhile, Rudra sits on the floor, unable to stand the thought of losing his son again, when Atharva approaches and comforts him.

He promises Rudra that Dhairya will fight death and return to life which makes Rudra feel better.

Imlie and everyone in the hospital prays to Lord Ganesha for Dhairya's quick recovery when the doctor comes out and warns the Ranas that Dhairya is running out of time.

Hearing doctors out, Imlie gets outraged by this news and declares that Dhairya cannot simply abandon her, adding that there is someone who can bring Dhairya to normal.

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