Imlie 3rd June 2023 Written Update

Imlie 3rd June 2023 Written Update

Imlie 3rd June 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 3rd June 2023 episode starts with Kairi cutely telling Cheeni that he has missed her so much and she is here to find her princess mumma.

However, Cheeni gets upset by seeing Kairi's excitement for her princess mumma and tells Kairi that they will return to Goa, and find her mother there.

Just then, Kairi tells Cheeni that she is so hungry and Cheeni makes a call to arrange the food.

Soon after that, Kairi gets excited when Cheeni goes to the washroom while telling Kairi that someone special is coming with her food.

On the other hand, Devika emotionally asks Atharva if Kairi is his and Cheeni's daughter and Atharva lies to her by saying yes.

However, when Devika praises Cheeni's qualities for reminding her about Atharva, Artharva mutters that he can't tell Devika that these qualities Kairi received from her real mother, Imlie.

Soon after that, Devika gets sentimental when Atharva tells her that he was in a coma and Cheeni has taken care of him alone.

Further, Atharva says that after getting conscious he rushed to Rana's house, but they have already replaced him with Dhairya, and Imlie has moved on in her life.

On the other hand, Kairi gets so happy by seeing all her favorite food on the table and calls Imlie a special person.

Kairi gifts Imlie, her hairband and makes her wear it in her hand while taking her promise never to remove it.

However, Cheeni gets insecure after seeing their bonding and tries to leave there when Anu stops her.

As the special person, Cheeni has mentioned is Anu, Anu tells Cheeni to keep Atharva and Kairi, away from Imlie.

Since Cheeni gets emotional and says that she will leave with nothing if Imlie takes Kairi from him, Rudra arrives there and tells Cheeni to at least believe in her motherhood.

Rudra tells Cheeni that Kairi is her daughter and that no one can separate a mother from her daughter.

Meanwhile, Kairi keeps thinking about finding her mother and makes Imlie speechless with her innocent questions that if she eats well then Atharva and Cheeni will let her stay here.

In the meantime, Devika tries to convince Atharva to stay there with Cheeni and Kairy, Atharva tells Devika that he can't stay as no one else wants him to stay there.

Back to the living room, Kairi drags Imlie, by holding her hand and takes her to Atharva's room to convince him while Rudra and Shivani follow them.

However, at the same time, Atharva leaves the room while telling Devika that he has something important to do before he leaves there.

Just then, Atharva and Imlie bump into each other and Atharva holds Imlie in his arms when Kairi calls it a fairytale scenario.

At that time, a doorbell rings and Atharva goes to open the door while everyone gets surprised after seeing the police, entering the house.

However, everyone gets shocked when Atharva tells the police officer to arrest Imlie as she kidnaps Kairi.

Rudra walks to Atharva and tells Atharva why Imlie will do that but Atharva blames Rudra's fatherhood while saying it is a matter of her daughter's safety.

As Dhairya tries to stop the police and calls Atharva his Brother, Atharva gets agitated and warns Dhairya that he is not his brother.

Soon after, police arrest Imlie when Kairi hugs her while Anu tries to hold Kairi.

However, tears start rolling on Imlie's cheek while telling Atharva that she has not done anything wrong and just then, Kairi runs after Imlie and tries to hold her hand when Atharva holds Kairi's other hand to stop her.

Kairi requests Atharva to not hr princess mumma go but Atharva steals his eyes from Kairi while ignoring her request.

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