Imlie 3rd March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 3rd March 2023 Written Update

Imlie 3rd March 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 3rd March 2023 episode starts with Imlie questioning Rudra how he knew of her ruse.

He tells her she revealed herself when she got him the medicine and special teas as prescribed by the doctor in the time period she claims to have lost her memory.

Imlie tries to provide an explanation but Rudra tells her she has betrayed the entire family by her act.

He adds that she should have included him in her act which confuses Imlie.

He clarifies that he realises she wants to expose Chini and tells her never that he believed in the first place that Chini had become a good person at heart.

Imlie is delighted at having the support of Rudra in exposing Chini’s lies.

Meanwhile, Arpita and her husband yell at Chini to grow up and learn the appropriate place to speak refereeing to the accusations she was making at Imlie earlier.

As they leave, Keya comes in and tells Chini to focus on ensuring Imlie is kicked out of the house as she doesn’t have any solid evidence backing up her theory that her memory loss is a ruse.

Chini brainstorms and fits in cameras everywhere in Imlie’s room so that she can catch her red handed this time.

As she hears footsteps approach, she panics and drops a couple of things as she rushes to hide in the balcony.

Hearing the sound of the things she had dropped, Atharav is a little suspicious, so he looks around the room but Chini is lucky that she doesn’t get caught.

Late, when she tries to find dirt on Imlie by viewing the live camera recording, she find out Atharav has gifted her a diary to vent out.

She’s bothered as she sees Atharav declaring Chini to be a negative presence in Imlie's life and how he has prescribed journaling as a way to overcome the negativity she brings.

When Imlie asks him how he trusts her all the time, he tells her that she’s the one person he believes will never break his trust.

She feels a little guilty but consoles herself that it is for the betterment of the family while Atharav writes “Imlie ki diary” in the journal and Imlie adds “ Atharav ji ki taraf se” on it.

Chini is irritated as she sees the couple flirt in the recording but is convinced she will replace Imlie pretty soon when she exposes her truth.

On the other hand, Rudra yells at Akash as he reveals that 50 lakhs have been transferred to an unknown company by their company’s bank account.

Akash tries to assure him that he will handle the situation but Rudra points out that he has been the one behind half of company’s fraud.

Meanwhile, Chini continues to track Imlie live but suddenly Imlie seem to lose consciousness and stumble into things as she continues to inch closer to the camera.

Unsure what is happening with Imlie, Chini panics when Imlie suddenly collapses on the floor.

While Chini contemplates on what to do next, Imlie appears up close to the camera causing her to jump in fright.

Imlie warns her that her rage is going to burn her completely as she recites a poem justifying her lies.

Seeing her talk of the truth, Chini rushes to get her phone to record but Imlie blocks the camera.

Imlie comes over to Chini’s room and tells her that there’s a key difference between their lies, in the essence of the purpose behind it.

However, Chini refuses to find the reasons justifiable and tells her that she will suffer greatly.

Imlie tells her that every time they expose each other but how about they admit of their lies themselves in front of the family.

Chini agrees to the deal as she is more excited to witness Imlie disappoint the family for the first time.

Later, when they head downstairs to reveal the truths in front of everyone, Chini poses a condition that they must do so in front of Atharav.

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