Imlie 3rd May 2023 Written Update

Imlie 3rd May 2023 Written Update

Imlie 3rd May 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 3rd May 2023 episode starts with Atharva explaining to Cheeni how he knows she is going to transform and forget her past one day.

Cheeni stares at Atharva with happy tears in her eyes, but Atharva's expression becomes melancholy as he recalls how people in his life had changed and shown their true colors.

He imagines Imlie and begins to feel hatred from the depths of his heart, explaining how Imlie feigned to love Atharva the entire time when she was actually wasting his time.

Cheeni approaches Atharva and tells him to forget the past because there is nothing he can do now.

She makes him think about Karry's reaction and how delighted she will be when she learns that her Paa has arranged the money for summer camp.

Atharva goes back to the past when he was running away with Karry in his arms and got scared as the police got involved.

Cheeni came to Atharva and asked him to give her a chance to look after the baby as she is a woman too and knows how it is to not get the adoration and love of one's parents.

Atharva acts resistant to Cheeni at first but then notices the baby stop crying as soon as Cheeni takes her in her arms.

Seeing how there are so many responsibilities as a parent and Cheeni is eager to help him, Atharva says that he is ready to stay with Cheeni and raise Karry by himself.

Back to the present, Dhairya comes to Rudra and tells him that he has never seen Imlie smile by herself except when she is with children.

Rudra says that he knows that Dhairya worries about Imlie genuinely and asks him to call Imlie once, which Devika notices and comes to confront Rudra.

Devika says that Rudra moved on so easily from Atharva's death as he never wanted a son, but an heir for his business which makes Rudra get triggered.

Rudra says that he was emotionally broken after Atharva's death and it was Dhairya who looked upon him along with other family members.

Meanwhile, Imlie is resting at the summer camp when one of the employees asks Imlie to hurry since Pushpa is in labor and has started experiencing pain.

Imlie asks the employees to search for the driver as they do not have time to wait for the ambulance to which the employees reply that the driver left after completing his shift.

Imlie takes the duty to drive the bus and gets stuck in traffic where Atharva's car also stops but he fails to see Imlie due to a bike parking in between.

Seeing Pushpa's condition, Imlie says that she is going ahead to clear the traffic whereas Atharva and Cheeni hear screams from the bus and Atharva decides to see what the matter is.

However, before Atharva can get to the bus, Cheeni informs him that the traffic has been cleared and they should leave now.

Imlie sits at the steering wheel again and reaches the hospital with Pushpa where the doctor tells her that the case is complicated and there is risk in saving both mother and child.

Imlie remembers her own past on hearing the doctor where she went through the pain of giving birth to a dead child.

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