Imlie 3rd May 2024 Written Update

Imlie 3rd May 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Nirmala telling Indira that Surya has made his mistake and that's why he is throwing Imlie's belongings.

Then, Surya tells them that Imlie is moving in their house which is why he is keeping her belongings over there which provokes Indira's anger.

Indira murmurs that Imlie is a very clever woman so this time she is not going to leave her so easily after which Surya tells her that Imlie didn't come on her own over there.

Surya says that he forced Imlie to come there otherwise she was about to leave the city but he insisted she stay there so she didn't go anywhere.

He tells them that Imlie is his responsibility so he cannot leave his wife alone after that he goes to our house along with Imlie's belongings.

Nirmala manipulates Indira and says that she will teach a lesson to Imlie while Surya instructs everything to Imlie and guides her about the outhouse.

Imlie asks him to give them the equipment so that she can do gardening then Surya assures her that he will provide her with everything soon which makes Imlie smile.

After that, Surya comes out from there while Arjun and CJ are standing out there and noticing how Surya is caring for Imlie.

Arjun pulls Surya's leg by saying that Surya has started feeling for Imlie while CJ also agrees with him after that Surya clarifies to them that he is just fulfilling his responsibilities and nothing else.

CJ starts laughing and tells Surya that he knows everything after that he tells him that when Imlie goes away from there then he will get hurt so he should get separated from her early.

Arjun suggests CJ take a test of Surya so that they can get to know if he loves Imlie or not while Surya gets confused after which Arjun explains to him that he cannot talk to Imlie for whole one day and if he passes this test then it will get proved that he does not love Imlie.

Meanwhile, Imlie does gar while Nirmala comes there along with Malti and Indira and taunts her for staying there after which Imlie gives her a befitting reply that she is staying there for one week only and she will be giving rent for it.

Imlie reminds her that she has broken all the relations with them so she will not hear their taunts and she will teach a lesson to people who will pester her.

Nirmala stares at her while Imlie goes away from there after that Nirmala calls Amrit and asks him to take away Imlie from her and not give her money for her t work.

Imlie goes to a bar and gets ready to sing after that she starts singing bhajan but Amrit asks her to sing some item song while Imlie says that she won't sing the songs that he wants.

Amrit calls the manager and asks him to make Imlie sing the song that he wants after that he gives a list of songs and asks Imlie to come and sing at the table. 

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