Imlie 4th April 2024 Written Update

Imlie 4th April 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Imli and Surya arguing on the road after which Surya receives a call from someone and he gets to know that Anjali met with an accident.

Surya becomes anxious after which he and Imlie go to see her and find Anjali lying on the road with her head heavily bleeding.

People ask Surya to take Anjali to the hospital after which Imlie comes there and helps Surya making Anjali sit inside the car.

After that, they reach home and Surya calls the doctor after which she treats Anjali while Surya asks the doctor when Anjali will become well.

The doctor tells him that Anjali will take some time to recover while he asks if she can travel again or not after which the doctor tells him that she cannot do any movement for a few days.

Nirmala also says that Anjali will not go anywhere until Anjali gets completely well while Imlie goes to her room and studies.

Meanwhile, studying Imlie recalls how Surya became anxious after seeing Anjali’s condition after which she gets the idea that he loves Anjali.

Then, Surya comes into the room after which Imlie asks him why he sacrificed his love for her after which Surya asks her to focus on her studies instead of thinking about him.

After that, he goes outside and sleeps while Anjali notices him sleeping outside after which she asks him why is he sleeping outside.

He lies to her that he was walking outside after which he sleeps there whereas Surya asks Anjali not to ask anything from him as she has no right over him.

Just then, Imlie brings a blanket for him but he notices Surya talking to Anjali after which she keeps the blanket over there and goes inside the room and locks herself.

Surya asks Imlie to talk to him but she ignores him while Malti asks Anjali to stay there for a few days and notice all the things on her own.

Later, on the next day, Anjali asks Malti to ask Surya to come along with them to the hospital after which Anjali asks him if he wants to take Imlie along with him.

He asks Imlie to come along with him but she refuses and says that she won’t come along with him after which Indira asks what is happening.

Then, Surya tells her that Imlie is refusing to come along with him after which Imlie tells Inidra that she has to prepare lunch for family members.

Indira asks him to let Imlie cook the food while he lies to Indira that Imlie is unwell so she needs an urgent checkup otherwise the infection will spread to everyone.

After that, Indira forces Imlie to go along with him after that she goes along with him whereas Malti tells Imlie’s truth to Anjali.

Surya defends Imlie and he is about to meet with an accident but Anjali saves him which pinches Imlie and she makes weird faces after which they reach the hospital.

Anjali goes inside the ward for treatment while Malti tells Imlie that Surya and Anjali love each other but he sacrificed his love for her.  

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