Imlie 4th January 2024 Written Update

Imlie 4th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie 4th January 2024 episode starts with Imlie telling Vishwa that he can't force her heart to stop praying for Agastya and tells him that soon Agastya will defeat him.

Elsewhere, Navya tells Annapurna that she thought they had some self-respect left but they came for the puja. 

Annapurna tells Navya that puja is done from heart not from ego and reminds Navya that four days are left to get the house back. 

Navya tells Vishwa to call Imlie and soon, asks Imlie to remove the vermillion and mangalsutra from herself as she can't stay with the memory of a fake marriage.

She states that Vishwa will fill her hairline soon with vermillion while Vishwa agrees with Navya.

Imlie goes back to her room when Sonali states it's difficult to remove the vermillion of Agastya's name.

She asks Sonali why would it be difficult as she has no feelings for Agastya when Sonali tells Imlie to remove the vermillion if she has no feelings for Agastya. 

Imlie is unable to remove the sindur when Sonali states that Imlie has lots of guts to handle many things but doesn't have the guts to fill the vermillion in her hairline. 

She further states that Imlie can't accept that she loves Agastya when Imlie tells Sonali that she married Agastya for money and will wait for her true love to fill the vermillion.

Imlie comes without the vermillion and mangalsutra, making Agastya and the family shocked while Navya and Vishwa are happy to see Imlie without vermillion and mangalsutra.

Vishwa states that Agastya will be jealous to see that Imlie has removed Agastya from her life. 

Meanwhile, Agastya states that nothing is left to see and say, making Annapurna tell Agastya that she wants to say something.

Annapurna tells Imlie that she is hurt and cries, telling Imlie that she never expected this from her. 

She states that she snatched away Agastya's happiness, making Agastya console Annapurna and state that Imlie should be honoured for her lies.

Annapurna tells Imlie that she will never be happy when Imlie asks Pandit Ji if he wants to sing the aarti to remove bad evils from her family.

Agastya and everyone stop attending the aarti and Imlie starts singing when Annapurna holds everyone's hands and Imlie continues the aarti.

Aside, Agastya tells someone on the phone that he will arrange the money and states that he needs time till the evening.

Later, Agastya tells Sonali about wanting more money apart from their savings further, stating that the bar is left to sell. 

Afterwards, Imlie sees the video clips of the accident and calls her friends for a meeting when Vishwa stops her. 

Vishwa learns from Imlie that she is going to the bar, making him state that Agastya and his family won't love her.

Imlie tells Vishwa that he will not understand love because he knows revenge, making Imlie state that she would show Vishwa some pity if he wasn't human.

Vishwa states that she is no one to show him pity as she has been cursed by Annapurna for cheating everyone.

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