Imlie 4th July 2023 Written Update

Imlie 4th July 2023 Written Update

Imlie 4th July 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 4th July 2023 episode starts with Imlie crying and calling Devika pleading with her to come to the hospital since it might save Dhairya's life.

Imlie goes on to remark that after Kala if there is anyone he considers a mother, it is Devika.

She adds that a mother can only save her child and seeing this, Atharva softly grabs the phone from Imlie.

He begins urging Devika to come to the hospital as well.

Meanwhile, Cheeni walks in, and Imlie, spotting her takes the phone back from Atharva and enters the emergency room.

Imlie, witnessing Dhairya's plight sits clumsily alongside him and sobs out in pain while holding his hands.

She begs Dhairya to wake up because he has been her support system for the past 5 years, adding that she has become habituated to living with him and cannot bear the thought of seeing him in this state.

She holds his hand against her cheek and begs him to wake up right now, thinking about Kerry and how she refers to him as 'Bhalu uncle'.

However, Dhairya begins to act strangely, frightening everyone as Devika enters the emergency room.

Devika approaches Dhairya and rests her blessed hands on his forehead, requesting that he return to sleep.

As Dhairya slowly opens his eyes and sees Devika, he says 'Amma,' which makes everyone emotional and he smiles when he sees Atharva.

Cheeni appears behind Atharva and Dhairya widens his eyes as he recalls all the awful deeds she committed 

As Dhairya continues to look at Cheeni in horror, the sensor begins to beep.

Imlie turns back while Cheeni hides behind Atharva, and Imlie believes Dhairya saw Atharva and got shocked.

Dhairya continues to look until he runs out of breath and dies.

Devika begins to cry as she recalls all the times she did not bless Dhairya and never showed him motherly affection.

Everyone is stunned, and Imlie is still unable to accept Dhairya's death, recalling all the times he saved her life and served as the most wonderful friend she could possibly have.

Later, the police arrive to apologize to Rudra for the Rana family's loss and to inform them about the accident.

The inspector adds that after investigating the situation he discovered something peculiar since it appears Dhairya was pushed from the terrace 

He asks if anyone has any doubts about anyone to which Imlie responds with Atharva's name, asking the officers to arrest him.

Atharva asks Imlie how she can blame him for being a murderer to which Imlie responds that he has always despised Dhairya and even threatened him with death at the Haldi ceremony.

Atharva looks shocked at Imlie while the inspector claims that if Imlie files an FIR against Atharva, they will be forced to take action against him.

This news shocks everyone and Atharva continues to glare coldly at Imlie.

Later, at the funeral, Imlie and Atharva stand apart while Rudra approaches Dhairya and noticing him falls erratically on the ground.

Rudra describes how his son, Dhairya, experienced hardships and challenges, and thanks Imlie for bringing Dhairya home.

He thanks Imlie for being Dhairya's constant companion and says that Dhairya's funeral is going to be handled alone by her.

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