Imlie 4th June 2023 Written Update

Imlie 4th June 2023 Written Update

Imlie 4th June 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 4th June 2023 episode starts with Kairi holding Imlie's hand as she requests Monkey Pa to save her Princess Mumma.

Devika helps Cheeni

The family looks on as Imlie comforts Kairi, telling her she is brave while Atharva removes Kairi's hand from Imlie's.

Atharva tells his mother that they will leave soon while Dhairya runs after Imlie.

Further Devika brings Cheeni into her room and brings money and some jewelry in front of her telling her to take it as a form of Shagun.

Cheeni refuses but Devika apologizes and tells her that she will at least become a part of their lives this way and tells Cheeni that she is the one who gave Atharva this new life.

As Cheeni thinks about the financial struggles she and Atharva went through, she accepts the money thinking that it will at least benefit Kairi's education.

At the police station, Imlie sits on the bench and sheds silent tears as Dhairya comes to her and tells her to sign the bond papers or else she will have to spend the night in jail.

Kerry falls unconscious

Imlie humorously says that she will stay the night in the hospital as it is a gift from Atharva.

He tells Imlie that Atharva has misunderstood but Imlie retorts saying that she saw surety in Atharva's hands and that he hates her now.

At the same time, Devika tells Cheeni to continue doing what she has done for Atharva in the past five years and blesses her saying that she hopes Kairi gets all the qualities of her mother.

Cheeni leaves while Devika weeps thinking that God returned her son to her but she cannot stay with him.

At the police station, Imlie cries stating that she thought God took away Atharva from her, but the truth is that Atharva himself went away from her.

Dhairya gets shocked and tries to stop Imlie as Imlie says that she will stay there until Atharva leaves since he does not want to see her face.

At Rana's house, Atharva tells Kairi that it is time for them to leave and that Princess Mumma has gone far away and will not return.

Kairi recalls her moments with Imlie while the family members hug and give her blessings.

As they are walking out, Kairi demands that she wants her Princess mumma with her.

The family members rush to stop Atharva and Kairi also cries to stay back when Kairi suddenly falls unconscious.

At the same time, the bracelet from Imlie's hand that Kairi put falls making Imlie worry as she thinks Kairi is in danger.

Before Imlie can leave, the police inspector tells her that since they didn't sign the bond papers, she cannot leave until the lawyer returns and bails her out.

Atharva bails Imlie

Imlie calls Dhairya and tells him to bring the lawyer as soon as possible.

On the other hand, the doctor informs the family members, especially Atharva that Kairi has recently gone through a mental/physical shock.

Atharva refuses saying that it must be due to travel while the doctor points out Kairi's low immunity and ask questions related to pregnancy Cheeni.

Atharva questions Cheeni lying that Cheeni is just under stress.

As the doctor prescribes medicines, Kairi calls out to Princess Mumma unconsciously and tells the family that they should call this Princess Mumma since Kairi seems attached to her.

The doctor also informs them that Kairi cannot travel anytime soon as she has to be kept under observation and suggests bringing Imlie for Kairi.

Further, at the police station, Imlie keeps on hoping that Dhairya arrives soon when Atharva comes there and takes back his complaint shocking her.

They both leave in the cab while the atmosphere turns awkward as a romantic song plays on the radio.

Imlie says that she knows he got her out of jail because of Kairi only and says that a mother knows her child's pain anywhere.

Atharva confirms that Cheeni is Kairi's mother and Imlie is only Kairi's stubbornness which will go away soon.

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