Imlie 4th March 2024 Written Update

Imlie 4th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie 4th March 2024 episode starts with Imlie telling Surya that one day she will find the culprit and that day Surya will have to trust her.

Later, Malti tells Surya that she does not feel that Imlie was the one after Raghu's disappearance which makes Surya say that Malti should not think from her heart and tomorrow he will do something that will get the truth out of Imlie.

Meanwhile, Binni tells the whole house that Imlie will have to leave the house as they have all suffered a lot because of her.

Elsewhere, Imlie's friend calls her and says that they have found the car which Imlie was looking for.

The car belongs to Raghu and his partner who killed him.

Imlie heads out to go to her friends when Anapoorna stops her and gives her prasad saying that today she wants something from Imlie.

This makes Imlie say that she will give her life to Anapoorna to which Anapoorna replies that Imlie should leave the house as she is coming in the way of her happiness.

Imlie says that she can give her life to Anapoorna but not leave the house as she promised Agastya to take care of the family.

Anapoorna says that Imlie should complete all the work of the house by the time they come back or else she can leave the job.

Imlie wants to go out to her friends to see the car however she says that she will complete all the work before they come back.

Meanwhile, Surya calls Raghu's partner and calls him to the Chaudhary mansion.

Surya then sees Imlie cleaning the whole house alone.

He goes to her and sees her texting someone and then leaving the house, Surya stops her and says that she cannot leave the house.

Imlie says that he can dance or sing to pass his time after which she shows him how she cleaned the whole house.

Surya spills juice and then puts his jacket over it telling Imlie that now the house is dirty again after which he stomps his dirty shoes over the floor.

Imlie says that Nirmala has not slapped Surya but she can very well do it which makes Surya say that she will be responsible for the repercussions.

Monty (the guy who killed Raghu) enters and takes the color off Imlie's face as she remembers him from the day when Surya assaulted her.

Imlie goes to the kitchen to make tea when Surya asks Imlie if she has seen the man before.

Imlie says that both Raghu and Monty destroyed her food stall which makes Surya wonder if she has seen Raghu in this house.

They hear Sonali yelling which makes Imlie rush to her, Surya asks Shivani what happened that day.

He keeps asking Shivani if Raghu came to the house that day which makes Imlie say that yes Raghu came to the house.

Imlie calls the police station and says that she will confess properly.

She tells how Raghu tried molesting Shivani and in self defense, they hit him with a rod which made him fall down the balcony but by the time they got downstairs, someone killed Raghu and went away.

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