Imlie 4th May 2023 Written Update

Imlie 4th May 2023 Written Update

Imlie 4th May 2023 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today's Imlie 4th May 2023 episode starts with Atharva present with Cheeni in the temple, praying for Kerry’s good health and safety.

Cheeni and Atharva are about to depart when they overhear a man fighting with the priest over the singer failing to show up for the bhajan.

Atharva sees it as a great opportunity and offers to sing at the bhajan, while Imlie is present in the same temple praying for Mrs. Pushpa and her baby.

The bhajan begins, and Atharva sings with all his dedication and faith, while Imlie, hearing the bhajan from a distance, is astonished as she sings the same tune.

Imlie becomes uneasy and begins to look around the temple randomly while a lady urges her to tie a thread to the tree and make a wish.

She is tying the thread while Cheeni is completing the same ritual under the same tree.

Later, after the Bhajan concludes, everyone praises Atharva for his voice and the zeal with which he delivered the Bhajan.

However, Imlie, who is still perplexed, wishes to check on the singer, but she is unable to see his face due to the crowd.

Just then, the employee informs her of Pushpa's condition and advises her to go to the hospital.

Atharva, on the other hand, becomes apprehensive and tense when he hears someone calling Imlie.

When Imlie arrives at the hospital and sees Pushpa and her baby, she becomes emotional and begins praying to her Sita Maiya to deliver her with her lost baby and fill her life with joy.

Meanwhile, Atharva and Cheeni are making their way down the temple when Cheeni notices Atharva and asks if he is thinking about Kerry leaving for the camp.

Atharva joins his hands and prays to Sita Maiya for Kerry's safety and later, as they return home, Atharva informs Kerry that she is going to summer camp.

Kerry becomes happy when Cheeni assures her that she will miss her greatly, and Kerry responds that she will miss her best friend tremendously.

Cheeni is packing Kerry's belongings, and Atharva informs her that Kerry's name has been shortlisted among the children attending the camp.

Cheeni becomes distraught and tells Atharva that she thinks Kerry is going to forget about her because she is not her mother.

She urges Atharva to consider being one family and granting Cheeni the position of Kerry's mother.

Hearing this, Atharva takes a step back and rejects the idea, since he has fully lost trust in the concept of family.

Meanwhile, Imlie invites all of the kids into the bus and boards it to welcome everyone to the exciting summer camp 2023.

Atharva and Cheeni are waiting to drop Kerry off at the bus stop when Albert appears and demands payment for the pending rent.

He begs Albert to consider Kerry's happiness and lend him two days, but Albert proceeds after hoarding the money from his hands.

Atharva apologizes to Kerry for not being able to send her to camp, and when the bus arrives, Cheeni notifies the employee that Kerry will not be able to go.

However, Imlie notices Kerry from the bus but is distracted because she is on the phone with Dhairya, and later, when they arrive at the camp, Imlie has a good time with the kids.

While Cheeni consoles Atharva, he is enraged that he is unable to send Kerry to the camp.

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