Imlie 4th May 2024 Written Update

Imlie 4th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Imlie episode starts with Surya searching for Imlie after which Arjun asks him what happened to him.

Then, Surya tells him that he is searching for Imlie as she hasn't come back yet after that Arjun pulls his leg and says that he has started loving Imlie whereas Surya does not accept it and says that he is an inspector, so it is his responsibility to look after people around her.

Arjun asks him to not hide the reality after that he tells him that whenever Imlie is stressed he also gets stressed out and whenever she is safe, he also feels relaxed.

Meanwhile, Imlie returns home after work, and she notices Nirmala throwing garbage in the garden after which Imlie asks her what she is doing then Nirmala tells her that it is her garden so she can do anything.

Imlie cries seeing garbage over there after that she tries to remove it while Surya notices her stress and recalls Arjun's words, he goes to help Imlie but she tells him that she can do it on her own.

Surya looks into her eyes while she tells him that once she catches hold of the roots then no one will make her feel bad and she starts crying and saying that she does not have anything.

Then, Surya assures her that they both will solve each problem and he motivates Imlie to do the things that raise hope in Imlie's eyes and she stops crying.

Surya starts helping her with gardening which makes Imlie stare at him continuously while Surya asks her where should he plant the saplings then Imlie tells him the things.

After that, Surya asks Imlie if something happened in the bar after which Imlie tells him that today she didn't get money from the bar and all her hard work got wasted that she did in the garden.

Meanwhile, the Reddy family is ready to have a special dinner while Indira asks Surya where is Imlie and whether she has been given rent or not so Surya tells her that she is not there.

Nirmala becomes happy after which Surya asks her to focus on dinner and she starts having dinner after that Nirmala and everyone like the dinner and Surya tells them that Imlie has prepared today's dinner.

Imlie comes thereafter and Surya tells them that Imlie has prepared the dinner from garden vegetables and saved their money, so it is equivalent to the rent that she gives to them.

Nirmala and Indira refuse to have dinner after which Surya argues with them for Imlie but they throw the dinner in the garbage after which Imlie returns to her room.

She starts studying when CJ comes there and asks for an apology from her that he didn't stop her from leaving the house on that day and then he goes from there.

After that, CJ meets Surya and asks him if it will be easy for him to stay away from Imlie and how will he move on from her.

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